5 Questions With Vivian Demille, CEO Of Mannabliss And Casa Mannabliss

  1. Tell us about Casa Mannabliss.

Casa Mannabliss is a conscious living center located at 1405 N. Federal Highway. Casa Mannabliss’ leadership is a collective of local yoga/meditation teachers, healers and business owners with many years of experience and knowledge in our areas of expertise who have a great desire to contribute to the health and wellbeing of our community, and to be the hub for the conscious community and residents seeking conscious living practices in Delray Beach and beyond. Casa Mannabliss is designed as a co-op model, where some of the best conscious teachers in the area have come together to share their skills. In addition to the classes described in this article below, we offer our beautiful community garden, juices and snacks from Juice Buzz (our amazing local organic juice store brought to you by Jacqueline and Jessica Pfeffer), and retail by Meraki, the brainchild of Jems Scoz, owner of Zen Dali on Atlantic Avenue.

  1. How did you come up with the idea for Casa Mannabliss?

Casa Mannabliss was born of a group of locals who have been getting together monthly for over 3 years to share conscious living practices with one other. We found that not only did we grow tremendously as a result of sharing our valuable knowledge and experience with each other, but we also built a community of like-minded individuals who share unconditional love and support for one another. In a world where we are under pressure all of the time to perform and manage so many life and emotional tasks, we need a safe place where we can talk, let out some steam, get unconditional support and receive valuable information, education and feedback from folks with the right skills to appropriately guide us. Not only did we get all of that, but we also noticed a beautiful energy that we created when we all came together that was undeniable and powerful. We then began to ask ourselves how we could get this same community to others. We explored many options for locations before the space we currently occupy became available. Many of us have had a long history with our current location. When it became available, we felt drawn to create something beautiful, yet very different there. That is how Casa Mannabliss came to be.

  1. You call Casa Mannabliss a conscious living center? What does that mean? 

Conscious living for us means thoughtful living.  A conscious living center educates people on how to thoughtfully care for their bodies, minds and spirits to experience true health, wellbeing, happiness, fulfillment, and peace in life. This is especially important right now, where work, life, raising children and the political, economical and social climate have become more stressful than ever.

Conscious living is also about our role in supporting each other, our community and our earth in their wellbeing.  For us, a conscious living center provides practical, accessible and science-based tools that can be easily implemented and are not biased or alienating towards any particular group, religion, race, gender, culture or age. Casa Mannabliss’ design is purposefully neutral and inviting, filled with light colors and natural woods and a blend of new and reclaimed, which is also how we choose to teach…simply, practically, without any frills, and using a blend of ancient and modern science.

  1. What can people expect to find/do there?

We are grounded in the science of yoga and have many yoga classes available daily for all ages and experience levels. However, each day, we also offer other classes such as meditation, philosophy, breathwork, tai chi, sound healing, nutrition, self-help, conscious business practice, and so much more. In addition to our classes and workshops, we have an array of vetted practitioners/healers that can be booked through us for individual sessions. (For a full list of classes and services please visit us at casamannabliss.com).  We offer many modalities because we recognize there are many valuable and effective paths to wellness. Not every person resonates with every path and we are aiming to bring something to everyone.

But Casa Mannabliss is more than just a place where our community can access classes and healers. We welcome you to come in and have a juice, shop in our retail establishment, play or plant something in our community garden, get to know us, and be a part of this conscious movement happening right now in Delray Beach. We are the home for our conscious community to connect with like-minded individuals for friendship, support, sharing of information and networking.

  1. What class would you recommend to a beginner and why? 

All of our classes are designed to meet people at any level. We break down our practice for new students and provide more advanced options in the same class for students with a more developed practice. We recommend anyone interested in coming in look through our class schedule on our website and find something they resonate with.  Having said that, we do offer a Yoga 101 class each week, which is specifically designed for students beginning their yoga journey. In addition, we offer private classes. Students can choose to take private classes alone or a few friends to share the cost of an instructor.

Casa Mannabliss will have its grand opening from 4-8 p.m. on Sept. 8.