Boca Raton singer Kendra Erika croons at Vino, for charity in Mizner Park


By: David DiPino Contributing Writer
With microphone in hand raised closely to her rosy red lips singer Kendra Erika croons notes in perfect tune, her words come out sultry as she steps into the beat in a one-piece while flicking her auburn hair at a table of admiring Mizner Park restaurant guests during a Wednesday night gig at Vino Wine Bar & Italian Tapas, 114 NE Second St., in Boca Raton.
The next night Erika sang in perfect pitch to raise money to benefit the Twin Palms Center for the Disabled and the Boca Raton community at the Hook, Wine and Sinker Auction at Mizner Park Cultural Arts Center. Whether reflecting off the gigantic English Gilt Baroque mirror at Vino Wine Bar & Italian Tapas or belting them out to raise money for a worthy cause in Mizner Park, Kendra Erika amazes the bar patrons and dinner crowd with her singing tone or while performing between raffles and auction at a charity assisting a local cause. She never misses a beat, every note is crisp, soulful and heartfelt with original selections and covers of “Creatures of the Night,” “No Ordinary Love,” Just the Two of Us,” “Intoxicated Love,” “Something’s Coming Over Me” one after another singing her ooh, la, la on reverb.
When Erika is in control of the microphone Vino Wine Bar & Italian Tapas is Boca romantic. The ambiance she creates is like stepping back to the 1960s and into a classic Manhattan nightclub. Boca Raton residents better get to see Erika during her Vino Wine Bar & Italian Tapas stand on Wednesday evenings because her album, music videos, talent and work ethic will take her soon take her out on a tour to perform for the world. Watch out New York City, Ibiza, Paris, London and Rio de Janeiro, she’s already been conquering South Florida and south to the Magic City.
Kendra Erika is a 21st Century Bond girl. She emulates the Bond Girls, has a silver screen presence and her music is mysterious, brushed with the best of the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s music and sprinkled with appealing dance electronica beats. She has a new music video for her song “Miami Love” which is oh so South Beach with the chorus “Slow it down, don’t go to fast… Miami Love will burn you up.” Her video flings from one of the Magic City’s clubs, into a sexy pool scene and is dotted with Kendra Erika in a black and silver seductive formal dress as she sings and soloes into a band stand microphone in a cabaret club with red curtains and ends with Kendra Erika on a roof of a Miami high-rise with a handsome man. In her “Hustler” music video with the line of lyrics “I’ll do me and you’ll do you… Please don’t mind if I do, follow my heart” is all black and white, lacey, clever and very reminiscent of Gwen Stefani singing “Bathwater” on the No Doubt Return of Saturn album. Her video for “Hostage” ties up yet another romance ode. Kendra Erika’s website is a smorgasbord of her talents and one can get lost into an adventure of her voice and amorous tales at
Her music has been captivating listeners of the finer things since 2013, and the new single “The Truth Never Lies” dropped earlier this summer.
“It’s a deep house track. It’s about being whisked away by someone you want to lose the concept of time with,” Kendra Erika told the 2 Boys from Brooklyn and the Broads iHeartRadio Show on WBZT 1230 AM in Palm Beach County.
“At the age of eight-years-old I started classically training but when I was around the age of 15 I wanted to find my own voice. Today my music is very cinematic, vintage pop, electro, and my new song ‘The Truth Never Lies’ has a sheik, house feel,” Kendra Erika told iHeartRadio hosts Secret, Freddy Santory and Daisy on the 2 Boys from Brooklyn and the Broads iHeartRadio Show on WBZT 1230 AM.