Every Picture Tells A Story


By: Delray Beach Historical Society Special to the Delray newspaper

When we began the research for our current “Sunny Greetings From Delray Beach” exhibit, we found this photo of two lovebirds taken near the Delray Beach pavilion. We knew right away it would hang prominently on our walls. The problem was, we didn’t know anything about it! All we could gather was that it was discovered inside an unidentified potato chip canister in the Merritt Storage facility!

We hung the photo on our walls, nonetheless. In fact, we enlarged it and made it an anchor-point for the entire exhibit, as it captures the spirit of this time and place in our history. Since then, people ask us all the time if we know anything more about it. Who was this couple? How did they meet? What was their fate?

Despite hours of research by three different archivists, the darling couple remains unidentified.

Mysteries like this one led us to recently create our Wise Elder Council – a group of elders who grew up in Delray and will congregate once a month to help us fill gaps in our narrative. So far they have helped us identify hundreds of photographs, all the while swapping memories and laughs.

Our elders have not yet figured out the exact story behind this photo (though we do have some exciting leads). If you have ideas, please email us! And if you or a loved one are interested in volunteering with our Historical Society programs, email us too! info@delraybeachhistory.org  Our three NEW history exhibits are open Thurs, Fri and Sat – 11am – 3pm! 561.274.9578 or www.delraybeachhistory.org for information.