Fight, Flight, Lift: INTENSITYX3 Not A Typical Gym


By: Maria Ojer Lynn University contributing writer

IX3 Fitness is not only an all time favorite kickboxing gym, but also a haven for its clients. Their two locations in Boca Raton are the perfect place for anyone that wants to stay fit, be stress-free and have fun while working out.

“I’ve never had a client that I’ve personally trained, or someone that I’ve recommended to do it, try kickboxing and they haven’t enjoyed it, it just hasn’t happened,” said Stephanie Ahrens, IX3 trainer. “In IX3 we have your own bag for you, you’re going at your own speed, it’s a great cardiovascular workout, you’re also going to burn your muscles a lot and get a lot of rotation which is great.”

They offer unique and effective cardio kickboxing classes that not only will make the client burn hundreds of calories but also tone their body tremendously. In IX3 Fitness people will see the results in a much faster way since they also offer strength and interval training, which is the most effective way of burning fat, sculpting lean muscles and improving ones resistance.

“Kickboxing as a workout is quite transformative, both mentally and physically ” said Allan Prince, Owner of IX3 Fitness. “We like to say kickboxing is how we ‘let the rage out of the cage’ [since] we have so much stress in our day, it only makes sense that having a great way to release that stress can be a lifesaver.”

Prince opened IX3 with a mission of creating a gym that would be an entirely different species of gym. A more intimate space with a tight-knit community of people who really wanted to make serious change in their life. IX3 will never make the client feel lost or ignored, since the coaches guide the class every step of the way with their proven Fight, Flight and Lift training formula.

“If Kickboxing even remotely seems like something you would enjoy, just go for it!” Said Prince. “You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Something I always tell my new members is ‘Living your life within comfort zones, is neither comfortable nor truly living.”