Fourth Quarter Victory


By: Christine King Special to the Boca and Delray newspapers

As we begin the final quarter of the year, thoughts turn to the many festive holidays and parties ahead.  With this comes tradition in culinary selections, cocktails and jubilance.

Many also admit it is a time of overindulgence in food, drink, sweet treats and more. Even worse, the next three months are deadly for maintaining regular exercise and overall activity levels. Unfortunately, a natural progression is the temptation to completely abandon healthy eating.

The great news is that with a little thought and focus you can altogether avoid gaining the proverbial “Holiday Weight” this year. With just a little planning your clothes won’t bulge at the seams after a Holiday dinner, and by January you’ll feel better than ever!

The best place to begin is your calendar.  Aside from the typical week to week entries, also insert all social and business engagements and workouts. This lays the groundwork for a strategic plan to ensure you enjoy this Season and keep your health and weight on track.

Here are some simple scheduling, activity and food hacks:

  1. No matter what, don’t cancel your workouts (you know, the ones in your calendar). Whether you work out with friends or a personal trainer, this joyous season oozes matters of “being over-served,” sleep deprivation and waking up knowing you overdid it the night before. Not to worry, many people at the gym are feeling your pain. Maintaining consistent workouts allows your body to sweat out all of those pesky toxins. Add in some extra hydration, and you’ll feel like a rock-star.
  2. Each week, take control of food choices by understanding exactly how many nights you’ll be home versus “out.” You likely know which events will be fabulous and those that are obligatory to attend where the nutritional quality and selection of food isn’t that great.

For the latter, eat something healthy & filling before the event. Soup, salad, legumes or a protein shake are all excellent selections. At the gathering, you won’t be as hungry and therefore less likely to waste time on unenjoyable fat and calories. This consciousness now allows for appreciation of the parties with great food and enjoyment without the guilt.

  1. Evenings spent at home are genuinely the time you have full control over the menu. While reviewing each week hone in on these nights for the healthy and nutritious food your body is craving. Don’t forget to prepare extra for the rest of the week’s lunches, snacks, and dinners.
  2. Use time off from work to engage in fun activities with loved ones and friends. People are happy when they’re in motion. A little competition elevates the experience and is a great motivator to keep moving. Whether friendly and casual or more serious and very competitive; bowling, water polo, basketball, golf, tennis, and other sports can be fun and easy for everyone to participate.
  3. Five or 10 minutes of some of your favorite exercises does make a big difference. See a quick two-minute video for a demo workout here:
  4. Hydrate, hydrate, and then hydrate again, with water.
  5. Each week take one day of rest from everything! The parties, social activity, and exercise. Use this time to nourish your mind and soul. Listen to music, play with your children, watch football, anything that makes you happy but relaxed.

Taking these measures will slide you into 2019 without weight gain, a clear head and the pride in keeping a promise to yourself about how to healthily approach this fascinating time of year.

Christine King is a Medical Exercise Specialist, Fitness Expert, and Founder of YourBestFit. The health and wellness company has helped thousands of clients recover from injuries, look and feel better and improve their overall well-being.