Orchard View Principal Has Plan For Improving Delray Elementary School


Staff report

Delray Beach’s Orchard View Elementary principal Lisa Lee has a three-year plan to turn the school’s D-rating into an A.

Lee recently explained her three-year plan to commissioners during a monthly “Spotlight on Education” presentation.

Her focus this year was an immediate increase from a D ranking to a B. She said upping that grade is the most important thing the school can work on.

“Parents don’t want to send their kids to a D school,” she said.

She said mid-year diagnostic tests indicate the students are improving. The new grades will be released in June.

Her other plans include bringing a gifted program back to the school starting at the Kindergarten level. Throughout the entire school, she said she wants the teachers to incorporate more project-based learning into their curriculum.

To help teach teachers how to do that, she applied for a grant and received $18,000. This summer she said she taking 13 teachers to California for a conference that focuses on project-based learning.

Finally, she said is bringing a strings program to the school. Starting next school year, she said all Kindergarteners will be learning how to play the violin at school. She said there is a link between playing the violin and increased fluency in reading and math proficiency among other benefits.

“You are going to see Orchard View as a brand new school,” she said.