A Sit Down With Stephen Chrisanthus: Mr. Results


This month I sat down with friend Jairek Robbins, a well-known performance coach, motivational speaker and author, to discuss how he gets results.

Give me a little bit about your business background?

Well my first job was at Blockbuster video as security guard, due to how big and tall I was. By 18, I transformed myself mentally and physically, and my heart and soul was in working with nonprofits. I always liked helping people be better versions of themselves, and I became a Results Coach at Robbins Research International. I specialized in health and time management. Today, I’ve been on my own with Jairek Robbins Companies for 9 years.

So what are you focusing on now?

Personal Coaching. A start to finish solution for high performance. No matter how successful someone is the ball is usually being dropped somewhere. Either their personal life, health or P&L can be improved. Utilizing innovations like Spire and Muse can help lead to a clear mind; and how much is that worth to you.

Where does your passion to help people live their dreams and achieve success come from?

I love people. As a little kid I remember going to a toy store, and there was a homeless man by the entrance. I gave him the money I had gotten from my mom to him instead of going in, knowing she wasn’t going to give me more, because I felt he needed it.

You not only teach people how to get results you teach them how to get accelerated results, obviously there is not one blank answer for how to do that, but is there a key ingredient to getting faster results?

Keeping people at their absolute best. Take a wartime scenario, they capture you and first try to break you down with no sleep, then very little nutrition, and then tie you up to restrain movement. Many of us are inflicting these same things to ourselves. When we optimize people they will get the job done.

How did you end up coming across Delray Beach?

I was brought in by Ocean Properties to speak at a management conference when my friend Amber Mac had to reschedule. It went great and I did another one for them. I loved the town.

What do you enjoy doing when you are in town?

My wife loves to go to the Yaxche Tearoom, it’s her favorite.We also have our friend and dentist in Delray, Craig Spodak.

What is an interesting fact people might not know about you?

I lived in a village in Uganda for 3 months, got malaria and was told I had 6 days to live. I have also gone great white shark diving in South Africa and trekked with silverback gorillas in Rwanda.

Final inspirational thought to leave people with?

Learn it, live it, give it!