Ticket2Events Talks Spring Party Trends


We reached out to Delray luxury event planners Sean Koski and Brian Kelly to dish on spring party trends:

Q. What are your favorite spring trends this year?

A. We can’t get enough of the watercolor trend! Spring is always filled with pastel colors, so the watercolor trend for us is serving as a great modern twist on the tradition. We love this trend because it reminds us of what home-dyed Easter Eggs. The easy to recreate trend is great too if you’re not interested in purchasing new decorations. If you’re up for some DIY fun, we suggest adding a few drops of your favorite water based color dyes into water and spraying or brush painting on to white/lightly colored dйcor items! You’ll be amazed at how the results are almost like store bought. If you’re hesitant of the DIY track, head over to your local craft store like Michaels and you’ll be certain to find some dйcor to purchase for your next Spring event.

Q. What tips do you have for upcoming spring events like Easter or Passover?

A. Easter, Passover or any holiday event can be extremely stressful. Our first tip is to seek guidance from event planners. Consultations are generally inexpensive and can lead to insight you may have overlooked. If you’re unable to consult with an event planner, we suggest tackling one task at a time to avoid unnecessary stress triggers. For instance, after executing your invitation, which can be a simple text or paperless post sent via e-mail, we recommend deciding on a budget and sticking to it. When creating your budget, we recommend adding items to your list in the order you’d like your guests to experience them. Start by asking yourself questions like: “Do I want event decorations to start at the entrance of my home/venue or extend only as far as the room where we’ll be dining?” “Will my guests be drinking alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks?” “Am I expected to prepare all of the food or will family/friends be brining something to accompany my creations?” After you’ve really decided how large and in charge you’ll be at your holiday event based on questions like these, we believe you’ll be able to stick to your budget as you tackle one task at a time! Hopefully you’ll also be able to do this stress free.

Q. Are there any upcoming events that we should know about?

A. YES! Ticket2Events again, is providing the overall event planning for Jill Zarin’s 5th Annual Luxury Luncheon. Being locals ourselves, we want to extend the opportunity and involve brands from Delray Beach plus surrounding areas! We want local brands and boutiques to know that we’re interested in adding them to our event this year in The Hamptons!! Who wouldn’t want to showcase their brand amongst celebrities and other influencers?? Anyone that wants more information about joining us this summer can email: Events@Ticket2Events.com

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