11th Annual “Arnold Day” to take place Saturday, August 1


Local Company WOOing Arnold Schwarzenegger to Attend Birthday Party in His Honor

Delray Beach, FL (July 14, 2015)— For the past 11 years, Ryan Boylston has been inviting Arnold Schwarzenegger to personally attend a birthday party he has thrown in his honor. To date, his invitation has yet to be accepted. But Boylston is hoping this year will be different. The 11th Annual “Arnold Day,” which has grown from a small gathering of University of Central Florida students to now hundreds of fans from across the U.S., will take place on Saturday, August 1 from noon to 2 a.m., at Lazy Moon Pizza near the UCF campus in Orlando. A portion of all proceeds will be donated to the CJ Foundation for Children in Need, a South Florida-based charity that helps provide financial and educational resources for families who have children with autism or cancer. Co-founded by UCF graduate, Delray Beach business owner and die-hard Arnold fan, Boylston has pulled out all of the stops to gain the attention of the megastar, in hopes he will help the fiercely loyal group raise funds for the charity, which holds a very personal meaning for Boylston. , “Arnold Day” has turned into an annual event where over a thousand fans flock to Lazy Moon bar in Orlando near the UCF campus to meet fellow Arnold fans, share quotes, stories, characters, watch his movies and celebrate all things Arnold. “This is truly the ultimate of fan gatherings,” Boylston said, owner and CEO of Woo Creative in Delray Beach. “Fans from all over the place show up every year and watch a marathon of Arnold movies, dress as various characters, swap stories, eat birthday cake and basically just have fun. But we do it with a purpose, and this year, we need The Governator’s help to raise awareness and funds for this critical cause.” With a fundraising goal of $20,000, “Arnold Day” can help the CJ Foundation provide scholarships to well deserving children and their families. “If Arnold comes,” says Boynston, ‘we will easily be able to contribute to our fundraising goal. Help us get him here!” For more information, including merchandise and ways to contribute, visit www.arnoldday.com, like the Facebook page and follow on Twitter @Arnold_Day, #ArnoldDay.