4th of July Fireworks and Hearing Loss


Excessive noise is the number one reason for hearing loss. The Better Hearing Institute says the best advice for attending fireworks is to sit at a comfortable distance from the display, where you can enjoy the colors and lights, but not expose yourself and your family to loud noises. The Dangers and Signs of Loud Noise Loudness is measured in decibels, with silence measuring at 0 dB and any noise above 85 dB is considered unsafe. Most firecrackers produce sounds starting at 125 dB–presenting the risk of irreversible ear damage. Repeated exposure to loud noise, over an extended period of time, presents serious risks to hearing health. If you have to shout over the noise to be heard by someone within arm’s length, the noise is probably in the dangerous range. Here are other warning signs: • You have pain in your ears after leaving a noisy area. • You hear ringing or buzzing (tinnitus) in your ears immediately after exposure to noise. • You suddenly have difficulty understanding speech after exposure to noise; you can hear people talking but can’t understand them. Protect Your Hearing Every day you can protect your hearing by avoiding excessive loud noise, keeping down the volume on earbuds, stereos, and televisions. Teach children to quickly plug their ears with their fingers when they’re suddenly and unexpectedly bombarded by loud sirens, jack hammers, and other loud sounds. Prevention is so critical to preserving our hearing so enjoy the holiday festivities but celebrate smart. For more information on hearing loss prevention and treatment or to schedule a complimentary hearing screening appointment for you and a guest, contact Hearing Partners in Delray Beach 561-638-6530 or Boynton Beach 561-736-6002. About Hearing Partners of South Florida The practice specializes in the diagnosis an management of hearing loss, tinnitus, vertigo, and balance. The staff adheres to the highest standard in Audiology, providing the best care, customer service and products to our patients. We are dedicated to the health and wellness of the community. www.myhearingpartners.com.