5 hot health trends for 2020


By: Christine King

Special to the Boca and Delray newspapers

November is the optimal time to get a jump on your health and fitness goals for the New Year. With the holidays upon us, there are parties, rich food, celebrations, and unavoidable temptations. Then, the looming, dreaded, Jan. 1st, filled with renewed promises to make this the year to achieve your goals, hits like a lightning bolt. Rather than self-sabotage and place yourself in the dreadful New Year’s Day blues, use November as your opportunity to implement the newest upcoming trends.

Technology: Many people use gadgets and apps to help make their workouts and dietary habits more motivating and efficient. Developers have honed in on more specifics for next year, including incorporating genetics, intermittent fasting, more playful interaction in the apps and… wait for it, shaming. Instead of an app sending you an upbeat, motivating, notification, you’ll receive messages like “You’re not going to hit that snooze button again this morning, Rebecca, are you?” This new approach is meant to hold you accountable to the goals you’re trying to achieve.

Mental Health: A strong emphasis on a healthy mind and body will also be prevalent in 2020. Infusing yoga, meditation, and relaxation techniques are becoming more critical as our world becomes more complicated. People are in desperate need of stress relief, and incorporating some of these methods will be instrumental in helping you to calm down, focus, and feel centered.

Home Workouts: Once thought for only the wealthy, more and more people are working out in their homes. Simply the convenience and time saving is enough motivation to select a method most appropriate for you. Conventional options include hiring a personal trainer or using a DVD or streaming service. 2020’s offerings are laser-focused on programs and equipment such as Peloton and other “smart” workout devices, along with “MIRROR,” a full-length fitness mirror providing options for a personal trainer and a variety of classes in which to participate.

Sleep Deprivation: The CDC now considers this to be a national health epidemic. A lack of good, sound sleep affects brain function, mood, motivation, physical appearance, and mental health. A massive emergence of blue-light blocking glasses and screen protectors, as well as mood-boosting light bulbs, will help you more effectively wind down and wake up. Also, fitness and wellness companies are offering sleep coaches to help their clients mitigate sleep problems.

Nutrition: Healthy eating habits have always been a focus of health and wellness. Grocery stores are finally catching on! In 2020 expect to see a wide variety of healthy snacks around the perimeter of the store (where you’ve heard 1,000 times is the place to shop!). Fresh, convenience and fast foods will be abound in the refrigerated section of your local grocery. Selections like yogurts, protein bars, dairy-free shakes, and a range of probiotic foods will now be at your fingertips so you can stay out of the middle, “packaged” aisles of the store.

As with any new venture, the key to success is maintaining your new commitments for over 90 days. This marker is where we see the highest incidence of drop off. Make this year yours, and do whatever it takes. Stay committed to your selection of app, personal guidance, or other methods you select. If you’re finding it impossible to do so, make a change right away. Perhaps the app isn’t a fit. You can also reach out to a buddy, which is a proven method of accountability and success when making lifestyle changes. Also, the use of a professional, a personal trainer, health coach, nutritionist, or mental health counselor is highly effective in keeping you in line. Sometimes, we all need a baby sitter for one reason or another. Don’t allow this need to compromise your self-confidence or success. Engaging help is more effective than quitting.

Christine King is a Medical Exercise Specialist, Fitness Expert, and Founder of YourBestFit. The health and wellness company has helped thousands of clients recover from injuries, look and feel better and improve their overall well-being.  Please visit Christine at www.ByChristineKing.com.