5 Question With Delray Author Paul Ryan

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you decided to write a book.

I am originally from the Washington, D.C. area. I am a small business owner and management consultant and came to south Florida to work on a project – and never left! I first came to Delray Beach to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, and later went to the Delray Tennis Tournament, and fell in love with the city. In some ways, Delray Beach reminds me of Annapolis, Maryland, where I also lived, and another favorite place. I enjoy playing tennis, water sports, volunteering, like exploring new areas, and am a car guy. I have a 11-year old daughter.

  1. Why did you select James Garner as the subject of your book?

James Garner has been my favorite actor since watching an episode of the Rockford Files. Although he wrote his autobiography in 2011, before the book I wrote with my brother, The Essential James Garner (www.jamesgarnerbook.com), there was not a book focusing on Garner’s best work (in our opinions of course) – regardless if the movie or television series was a box office or critical success. In addition to the Rockford Files, Garner starred in several important movies, especially ones about World War II.

  1. Delray Beach historically has been known as a place that attracts writers. Do you have a favorite place to write in town?

To focus, and for research purposes, the library is very beneficial, and the staff is very helpful. Right now, I am gathering material for a book on how humor is used at work. I also like to go to the beach and drive on A1A for inspiration. A hobby I just started is photography, and Delray Beach is, of course, a great subject for that as well.

  1. Tell us about your co-author. 

My brother, Steve, still lives in the DC area, and is a huge movie fan. He has a collection of 1000s of DVDs and books. He is just under 3 years older than me and is an editor. In the long tradition of my family’s volunteering, he has read for a visually impaired woman for many years.

  1. Why is this a must-read book? 

James Garner was an actor universally respected, not only for his characters, but for his personal character, and how he treated his fellow actors and movie and television crews. He had his own production company, and often hired the same people many times. The book has received many positive reviews, including from Library Journal, Booklist, and Garner’s daughter, Gigi. His official fan Facebook page has over 100k followers, and the pre-release reception of the book was impressive. I hope long-time fans of his will appreciate the research put into the book, as well as the critiques, even if they do not agree to with all of them. Also, it is hoped that the book can make new fans of James Garner’s work.