5 Questions With Delray’s Indigo Dreamers Members Pouya And Jamie

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourselves and how you got into music.

Pouya: I came to the US in 2009 to study music and audio engineering at Florida Atlantic University. That was where I saw Jamie for the first time singing in commercial music ensemble. I was so fascinated by her voice and singing style and later discovered she was also a talented songwriter. At that point I wasn’t thinking about starting a band with her; I just wanted to finish my education and go back to my hometown. As time went on, we collaborated on several projects together and I realized we were a perfect match for each other. After our graduation she asked me to collaborate on her first EP. While working on the EP, we also managed to play some live shows together. It was at that point I found a new direction in my life.

  1. You recently released your debut album Lessons of Blue.” How did you decide to team up? Tell us about the album. 

Jamie: After we finished the EP, we decided to establish ourselves as a band and embark on a full length album. We learned a lot from making that EP and things grew more clear in terms of the direction we wanted to take with our music. I had already written a bunch of new songs and I made a simple demo to get us started. The process of making this album took much longer than what we originally thought. Probably because we are both perfectionist.

There was also a lot of experimentation involved and at times frustration. We kept working on each song until we felt we couldn’t make it any better. We recorded the album mostly in our home studio and produced it ourselves.

  1. Tell us about your style of music.

Pouya: We let each song define its own style and we do our best to provide all the necessary resources to take each song to its greatest potential. Certain songs ask for a specific instrumentation or a playing style that we can’t provide ourselves. We were able to collaborate with other talented musicians and capture their magic on this record. We also take the advantage of the modern digital technology to craft our music and take it far beyond the limitations of a simple bedroom studio. The result is an album that combines elements from different styles such as classic rock, R&B, orchestral and electronic music. Yet it doesn’t sound exactly like any of those styles. When we play our arrangements live it is usually a stripped down version of what’s on the record.

  1. Jamie, you won the 2014 iTunes Music Festival Competition for your first single Blue” how did it feel to win and perform your song in London? Where else have you performed?

Jamie: Winning the iTunes Music Festival competition was a great experience. I submitted a short video of me performing “Blue” and it was chosen alongside 30 other videos. Each person that won was flown to London to attend the iTunes Music Festival. Of course I extended my trip and explored the city and reconnected with my family. After that, we knew “Blue” would be an important song for the next step on our musical journey together and it became the starting point for this record.

  1. What message do you want to get across through this album?

Pouya: Even though Jamie and I grew up listening to different kinds of music, we both value deep and meaningful art. The lyrics on Lessons of Blue were written in different periods of time and reflect Jamie’s emotional journey. They are about love, passion, doubt, melancholy and regret. When we looked at the record closely, we realized each song was actually a piece of a puzzle. As a whole, it’s a story of maturation.

Indigo Dreamers will hold a CD release show on Nov. 9 at the Norton Art Museum in West Palm Beach.