5 Questions With Jacqueline Botting Of Wisetribe

  1. Tell us a little about yourself and your background.

I grew up in New Smyrna Beach and went to college in the Northeast where I lived until my mom had a stroke in 2013, which brought me back FL. My professional background is in business and economic development, with an emphasis on technology and financial services, and my working experience has ranged from start-ups, a fortune 500 to an international government.

  1. What is WiseTribe? How did you become involved with it?  

The mission of WiseTribe is to build relationships and communities through collaborative learning experiences which lead to a wiser world. We host community conversations and workshops which encourage multi-generational communication and collaborative problem-solving that builds stronger, more cohesive communities.

A series of personal events coinciding with significant shifts in society sent me searching for greater meaning in life, ultimately leading to me found WiseTribe. I had just gotten divorced and was working for the Trade & Technology Board of Irish Government in NYC, a job I loved until witnessing the global financial system meltdown. Social media was gaining steam and online dating was the most ‘efficient’ way to find love again. Despite everyone being connected, it was as if we’re all alone, together, and a collective loneliness was looming in our culture. My father then announced he had been dealing privately with a terminal lung condition for years and had less than six months to live. His unexpected and rapid passing was huge awakening for me and it got me thinking, basically, about everything. I sought out conversation with people who were 30 to 40 years my senior to explore what a well-lived life looks like, and how to achieve this in a dizzying new world which felt increasingly less personal. These conversations were not only stimulating and informative, they were nourishing. We all agreed our intergenerational conversations were mutually beneficial on many levels and we should collaborate on projects of common interest to make a difference together. From this WiseTribe was born.

  1. We heard you recently had an event “Dysfunctions of the Decades & a Functional Future,” tell us about it.

This was a six week discussion series led by the community encouraging us to reflect on our shared history and think forward to a better future. Globalization, education, relationships, food, mindfulness, and disrupting the status quo were among the topics we explored. To share with the wider community, we hosted a pop-up arts and culture show on the evening of Earth Day which was a culmination of everything we discussed over the six weeks. The intention was to build bonds through meaningful conversations and the shared joy of the collaborative, creative process. We’re humbled by the response and grateful to everyone who supported this project.

  1. What is coming up for WiseTribe that we should know about?

We are already looking towards Earth Day 2018 by showcasing a project called Wise Land. This community learning project intentionally focuses citizens on emerging economic, societal and cultural trends increasingly influencing the way we live. Over the course of one year, it is an opportunity for a community to explore the pillars of a well-balanced society, such as food, education, housing, and transportation, in depth and it empowers us to truly think 20 years forward in a way that’s engaging and entertaining.

On June 3rd, we’re taking our first step into Wise Land by hosting a pop-up celebration to fundraise for a Farm Bot (a farming robot) for Delray Beach as a community learning tool. This innovative technology can empower the community to bring us new food solutions which provide greater access to fresh foods. June 3rd will be filled with creative expression by local talent and interactive games and will be an entertaining opportunity to connect with others.

  1. Why is Delray Beach the place you chose for WiseTribe?

Delray has a reputation as being creative, diverse and pioneers in community where people aren’t afraid to do things differently and have fun doing them. This is very WiseTribe. Being here just over a year, I’ve been able to connect with many passionate, civic-minded people who inherently see the value WiseTribe can have by sparking more of us to think and act together toward a better future. We’re just getting started and looking forward to building one very WiseTribe in Delray Beach.

For more information visit https://www.facebook.com/wisetribe