5 Questions With Sache Dedivanal, Business Manager/Senior Beauty Consultant, Saks Fifth Avenue, Boca Raton

  1. You were recently recognized by Yves Saint Laurent for Excellence in Luxury Service. What was the process involved and why were you chosen?

Each year, L’Oreal partners with WWD magazine to recognize exceptional service in luxury beauty. Only one beauty consultant is chosen each year within the L’Oreal brand, maintaining and exceeding all the metrics in retail and the brand itself. I’m honored to be recognized for excellence in luxury service for Yves Saint Laurent luxury brand/Saks Fifth Avenue, in the story at Town Center, Boca Raton.

  1. What first perked your interest in becoming a beauty consultant?

The beauty of art. I always loved art. Art is a passion of mine. For me, a face is like a canvas, and I want to make it into a work of art. When an opportunity came for me to work for Yves Saint Laurent, I took it without hesitation.

  1. What do you see as the latest trend in makeup and skincare products?

The trend for spring is dewy, dewy skin (Touché Éclat glow foundation) extended cat eyeliner and sheer, glossy lips. Non-touring is still in (instead of contouring). Oils enhance the blow and plump up the skin for that healthy spring look.

  1. What is your advice to older women who want to maintain healthy, glowing and youthful skin?

My advice to every woman for great, glowing skin is this. You should start by cleansing, toning, repairing and moisturizing both day and night. Serum is magic to the skin, Yves Saint Laurent Or Rouge Serum. Every woman should use it. Keep up to date on your make-up, wear colors that work for you and give you that sun-kissed healthy glow.

  1. What do you love most about Yves Saint Laurent products, and what do you see as the “must-have” product for women of all ages?

What I love most is the quality and luxury of Yves Saint Laurent. He is the most innovative, unconventional, uncompromising designer of the modern era. His brand’s legendary Touché Éclat is a must-have….always carry one in your purse for touchups. I feel glamorous when my skin glows and I wear the perfect lipstick.