5 Questions With Annette Jackson Of The Delray Beach Orchid Society

  1. What is the Delray Beach Orchid Society? Tell us about the group and its history.

The Delray Beach Orchid Society, founded in 1974, dedicates itself to promoting the hobby of orchid growing. The Society hosts monthly meetings on orchid culture and conservation with local, national and international speakers. Hands-on workshops are held throughout the year. We are a very friendly, diverse group of people, all ages, all levels of experience.

As a community service the Delray Beach Orchid Society has a free speaker’s bureau. A one and one half hour lecture and hands on demonstration on the care and culture of orchids is presented   Orchid Experts visit civic organization, homeowners associations or volunteer groups and give a presentation that is both interesting and informative.

  1. The 28th annual Orchids on the Square event is coming up this month. Tell us about the event and what we can expect to see if we attend?

Upon walking into the fieldhouse at Old School Square the visitor will be transported to a very beautiful botanical garden. Ten vendors from all around Florida will be selling beautiful orchids and orchid supplies. The upstairs of the Fieldhouse will hold displays from each of the vendors who will be vying for prestigious awards from The American Orchid Society for the best in show in various categories. We have an art contest every year. There is a display of orchid drawings from the children with the Milagro Center on the stage. A voting box will be there and cash prizes are given to the winners of the contest. (Actually all the participants will get a prize).

There will be lots of raffle prizes including orchids, orchid supplies and “A Night On The Town” basket. This basket includes a gift certificate for a restaurant on Atlantic Ave, two tickets to The Crest Theatre, two bottles of wine and some chocolates for dessert.

  1. What is your role in the society and the event? How did you become interested in orchids?

I have held many positions on the Board of Trustees. This year I am Treasurer. I am also the show chair, having run the show, with the help of many, for several years.

I began collecting orchids by chance. My husband and I went to the orchid show out of curiosity about 15 years ago. We loved looking at the orchids but didn’t buy anything. It must have been fate because we did buy a raffle ticket. On Sunday we received a call that we won an orchid and went to pick it up. We asked the woman we picked it up from, “How do we take of this?”  She said, “Come to a meeting and find out.” That was it. We got hooked. It is a wonderful addiction.  I have over 100 orchids all around my home.

  1. What is your favorite type of orchid?

My favorite orchid is the Cattleya. Most people refer to it as the corsage orchid. The flowers are absolutely gorgeous, most have a beautiful aroma. The drawback is the flowers only last a week or two at most. I just started collecting miniatures, which are giving me great pleasure right now.  It’s also the only way I can continue to buy because I’ve run out of room!

  1. What are your tips for keeping orchids alive?

First of all don’t overwater. More orchids are killed by overwatering. Orchids do not want to sit in a dish of water. Take them to the sink, let water run through the orchid for about a minute, let it drain and put it back where you had it. The myth of putting ice cubes in orchids is just that… a myth. You will not grow hardy orchids with a couple of ice cubes. Light air and food are also important. There will be growing instruction handouts at the show at the DBOS membership table.

We meet the second Wednesday of each month (except December when we have our off site holiday party) at Veterans Park at 7:00 pm. Guests are welcome and first timers will receive a free raffle ticket for attending.