5 Questions With Dr. Donald Chambers, Chief Investment Officer At Boca Raton’s Biltmore Capital Advisors On Alternative Investing

  1. What is Alternative Investing?

Alternative investing involves diversifying into asset classes other than the traditional portfolios of long positions in stocks (equities) and bonds (fixed income). Examples of alternative investments include private investments such as real estate and private equity, real assets such as land and infrastructure, complex strategies such as arbitrage strategies and long/short strategies.  The goal is to reduce risk through diversification while maintaining or perhaps even improving average return.

  1. Who are the ideal investors that should consider Alternative Investing?

Alternative investing should be considered by virtually all investors as part of a well-diversified portfolio, in addition to stocks and bonds. By its nature, alternative investments tend to be less familiar, newer, and often less regulated than traditional investments. Therefore, they should be considered with great care. Major financial institutions often have substantial allocations to alternatives. Individual investors considering alternative investments should either be somewhat sophisticated investors or should have investment advisors who are experienced in alternative investing.

  1. You’ve published over fifty articles and multiple books on investments, what’s the new book about?

This new book, “Alternative Investments: A Primer for Investment Professionals” was an opportunity to write to major institutional investors about the most important investment decisions: the asset allocation decisions. Successful investing is primarily driven by the “big picture” decision of which asset classes to use, and how much money is allocated into each class. This book focuses on those decisions and therefore serves as a key aid.

  1. You just completed a five city Asian book tour that took you through Hong Kong, Manila, Seoul, Jakarta and Bangkok.  It was over 40,000 miles in 14 days, what was it like?

Exhausting both mentally and physically! In addition to making presentations about the new book, I also made presentations on a variety of research topics. Combined with changing time zones and attending a private equity conference in Zurich, Switzerland, it was a lot. But the opportunities to meet people, to help many analysts with their understanding of investments, and to learn from them about their challenges and experiences were well worth the time and energy.

  1. What is your role as Chief Investment Officer of Biltmore Capital Advisors in Boca Raton?

I lead the investment team in making the asset allocation decision for our core clients. Every major decision regarding our core portfolios is made by our Investment Committee.  In addition to my key role on the investment committee, I am involved with tracking financial markets, staying abreast of research and innovations in the world of investing, monitoring our existing investments, and searching for new investment opportunities.

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