5 Questions With Stephanie Scianna Pitts Co-Owner Of Artnest

  1. What is artNEST?

artNEST Delray is an art studio for kids to be themselves – natural creators. We believe that every person is born an artist. Creative intuition and incredible instincts to problem solve and efficiently navigate the world are a child’s survival. At artNEST Delray, we embrace these instincts and give children limitless possibilities to express and be the best version of themselves. It is a place where we want both parents and kids to laugh a lot, imagine the unimaginable, and get down and dirty!

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourselves and your background.

We are both artists, not just by what we put out into the physical world but by the way we think. We are children at heart and that’s what keeps us creative and curious. I, (Stephanie), have always been in education. I was an art teacher and then got into educational operations, programming, curriculum development and management. My dad, (Cosimo), had a teacher in Kindergarten that recognized his artistic talent and nurtured it. That shaped the rest of his life…he went to NYC High School of Art and Design, became an illustrator, designer, conceptual photographer, professional artist and then Director/Cameraman of his own production company in NYC for over 30 years producing hundreds of TV commercials and advertisements. We both found ourselves in South Florida, I had just had my second kid and my dad was retired so when I thought of the idea of a kids Art Studio I knew I had to do it with my dad, in fact I knew I couldn’t do it without him!

  1. What is it like to work as a dad/daughter duo?

It’s indescribable. My dad has taught me everything I know about art, how to view the world and how to see the beauty in everything… so now getting to work side by side with him as an adult is a deeper level of all of that. I have always known that we were similar in personalities, but working this closely, I realize that we are basically the same person. We laugh every day and there is nothing better than that!

  1. What is ArtNest offering for the rest of the summer and then fall?

We have our Summer Camps on certain weeks. Kids can sign up for the whole week or individual days. We keep it flexible for parents. Remaining summer camp dates are: July 9-13, July 16-20, Aug 6-10. We have also added extra Caregiver and Me classes over the Summer during the week and on Saturday for ages 3 and under. July’s theme is “Superheroes vs. Villains,” where artNEST will explore the intricate world of the superhero vs. villain life, with campers creating their own Superheroes/Villains and getting creative assigning special powers and accessories. Capes and masks are embraced! The cost is $240 per week, per child. Our schedule can be found at artnestdelray.com under “our classes”

  1. You recently moved locations. Tell us about your new space.

We are so excited about our new location! It is twice the size of our original so we can offer so much more. We can have more kids at birthday parties, more space for photoshoots, we will have adult events/workshops and half day camps. We will also be able to collaborate with other local, like businesses to offer our kids more exposure to the arts. Although our space is bigger we will never lose our laid back, non-judgmental vibe for kids and parents! We want everyone to love it here as much as we do! artNEST is located at 2275 South Federal Highway.