Dynamic Duo of Delray: Frankel & Cohen make mark on community


In times of economic uncertainty, the need for community engagement and programming becomes essential for growth. It is the businesses in Delray Beach that lend their time and resources to community improvement projects that will ultimately create success for us all. Frankel & Cohen LLC is a remarkable example of a local business working with the community to make it a stronger place to live, work and visit. In recent months the Delray Beach law firm has lent its support to two new programs. As the title sponsor of both Basketball and Mentoring (BAM) at Atlantic High School and Urban Underground at the Arts Garage, Frankel & Cohen LLC is quickly becoming a leader in the community. Lee Cohen first learned about BAM during his “Principal for a Day” assignment at Atlantic High School. It is the brainchild of Dr. Anthony Lockhart, Principal of Atlantic High School: a boys’ basketball league in which two hours of academics, one in math and the other in reading, are prerequisites to play time. “Dr. Lockhart’s passion for his school and the success of his students was inspiring,” says Cohen, Attorney and partner of Frankel & Cohen LLC. When he first told me about the BAM program, I knew I had to be a part of it.” While Lockhart knew he might have a slam-dunk idea, funding a full scale basketball league would require capital the high school simply did not have available. Within one week, Frankel & Cohen LLC had taken on the role of benefactor and the program was underway. Not only did the law firm initially donate the funds necessary to purchase academic materials, uniforms and provide lunches, and pay staff, they also worked to obtain further sponsorships from other local businesses. RealTime Marketing Group, Weekes & Callaway, Weiner & Lynn and Dr. Richard Davidson each signed on as team sponsors. “When Lee Cohen told us that he was working with Atlantic High School to create a program that was going to motivate students to push themselves academically and reward these students with the ability to participate in a team sport, RealTime Marketing Group was grateful for the opportunity to be involved,” says Terra Spero, Co-founder of RealTime Marketing Group. Armed with enough students for four to six teams, the first Saturday tournament took place on January 21st. “The sky is the limit with this program. The more businesses we can get involved, the more teams and the more schools,” explains Cohen. BAM is not the only project geared toward community enrichment that Frankel & Cohen LLC is currently engaged in. The law firm also supports a concert series held monthly at the Arts Garage titled Urban Underground. The gritty new concept, says Arts Garage Education Coordinator Drew Tucker, showcases local hip- hop, R & B, reggae and jazz musicians, and is intentionally marketed to a wide demographic. For Adam Frankel and Lee Cohen, interest in the project goes beyond the opportunity to have their name attached to an entertaining production. “The underlying goal of Urban Underground is to bring cultures together through music. No matter your race, religion or sex, music has the ability to unite as we all can relate to a song for our own reasons,” explains Cohen. When you attend one of the concerts, the diversity of the audience always stands out. If we can inspire one person to attend a concert that would normally be out of their ‘comfort zone’ and leave with an appreciation of the music, it will be a worth while project,” he adds. As Delray Beach continues to grow, the city will undoubtedly become defined in many ways by how the members of our community take ownership over improvements, both small and large. Delray Beach has a rich history of community involvement and service. “We have such incredible local business people who want to give back, and many who do support programs regularly,” says Spero. “It’s important that the community work with local business people to educate them on how they can truly make a difference with even such a minimal investment,” says Spero. www.frankelcohen.com