7 reasons behind why your hormones may be imbalanced


By: Rick Gold, Certified FDN Practitioner & Partner in BAMedical Special to the Boca and Delray newspapers
1. Chronic emotional stress – It’s no secret anymore that chronic emotional stress causes a degradation of physical health. In order to naturally balance your hormones, you’ll need to get a handle on emotional stress. Meditation, Yoga, HRV (Heart rate variability) training, and practicing gratitude are all great ways to accomplish this. But you’ll also need to dig deep and evaluate your life, your career, and the people you choose to surround yourself with. Toxic relationships and toxic situations can and will ruin your health!
2. Sleep deprivation or poor sleep – Just one night of poor sleep causes down-regulation of immune function, blood sugar dis-regulation, and inflammation all which lead to your body being in “fight-or-flight” mode all day every day. In order to balance hormones, you’ll need to put a big focus on achieving getting quality and quantity of sleep – at least eight hours every night in a cold (68 degrees – 70 degrees) and a very dark room.
3. Nutrient deficiencies – Quite simply, your organs that produce your hormones need the raw material to do so. The raw material consists of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins, and healthy fats. If you’re deficient in any of these it can cause big problems for hormone production. If you have hormone imbalances, you should eat a nutrient-dense diet & consider running a test for nutrient deficiencies.
4. Bacterial, fungal, parasitic, or viral infections – Because they cause chronic immune activation and inflammation, infections also will keep you in fight-or-flight mode for as long as they have a hold on your body. Dealing with these background infections is an important step in balancing hormones. Consider running comprehensive stool testing and an organic acids test to find underlying infections.
5. Food sensitivities – Food sensitivities cause inflammation and invoke the fight or flight stress response as well. Consider running food sensitivity panels to flush out what your specific inflammatory foods are. One interesting fact is that you can create food sensitivities within your body by over-eating certain types of food with too much frequency (i.e. eating chicken and broccoli 5 nights a week for a month straight could potentially develop a food sensitivity to broccoli, which then will cause the body to have issues breaking it down.)
6. Gut bacteria imbalances – Gut bacteria are incredibly important for proper digestion and absorption of nutrients from food in the gut, but they also modulate immune function and inflammation in your body. Antibiotics, prescription medications, alcohol, and many other facets of western lifestyle cause imbalances in beneficial and harmful bacteria in your gut and this can lead to hormonal imbalances. A gut-healing protocol with the right foods, and the right probiotics will help.
7. Circadian mismatches – Just because this is #7 doesn’t mean it’s not as important as the rest. Your circadian rhythm is otherwise known as your sleep/wake cycle and it’s extremely important to have proper functioning circadian rhythms for your overall health and hormones. Circadian mismatches lead to inflammation, immune dysfunction, poor sleep, blood sugar and insulin issues, and of course, hormonal imbalances. You need a healthy amount of sunlight at the right times of every day, and avoidance of blue light (phone/TV/tablet screens/LED lights) and artificial light at night. You’ll also want to stay clear of nnEMFs (non-native electromagnetic fields), which also cause hormonal imbalances.
Rick Gold is a Certified FDN Practitioner trained in the concepts & philosophies of functional medicine. He is also a Partner at BAMedical, a breakthrough functional wellness coaching company that empowers clients to take charge of their body and mind and dramatically improve their health via powerful lifestyle modification strategies.