A Day In Peace


Former Unity School kindergarten teacher Terri Doyle Stec, under the direction of Judith Carter, the head of their Lessons in Living department, wrote a universal peace prayer that was read at a peace ceremony in downtown Delray Beach. This was part of the “Share the Light, Ignite The Spirit,” First Night celebration on New Year’s Eve 1999. This was a joint venture between Unity School and the city of Delray. Our mayor proclaimed that our city would be part of the world wide celebration known as “One Day In Peace, Jan. 1, 2000.”
We would love to share it with you along with a foreword by Laurie Durgan, Associate Minister at Unity of Delray Beach.
Terri Stec was a beloved teacher at Unity School for well over two decades.  Her vision for the world in this deeply meaningful prayer began with her vision for her classroom and for every one of her students.  I know, because both of my sons were Miss Terri’s students. Our entire family has been blessed by her vision—a vision that saw our children “soaring to new heights,” one that sees the potential in every human being and one that beholds the Presence of God in everyone.
“To ignite a flame so bright within us that all who come near us are drawn to its warmth.”  Miss Terri’s flame is so bright!  Every student who came near was ‘drawn into her warmth,’ and heard her careful, comforting words and soothing voice.  My son Ben said, “Miss Terri’s voice was peace for us.”
It has been said that there are two ways of spreading light…to be the candle or to be the mirror that reflects it.  Miss Terri was both for us here at Unity. She was the comforting, warm, peaceful candle that guided hundreds of children on their academic and spiritual path—and she was the mirror as she created a place for children to see, shine and share their own beautiful light.
Thank you Miss Terri for your perfectly, beautiful vision, for your heartfelt prayers and for your never-ending source of light, peace and love.
Universal Peace Prayer, as presented for First Night 2000:
Tonight is the night
We gather to share the light
The light to ignite the spirit in all of us
It is our prayer
To ignite a flame so bright within us
That all who come near us
Are drawn into its warmth
It is our prayer
That our spirits soar to new heights
Taking us beyond dreaming of peace
To becoming creators of peace
It is our prayer
That our vision of peace be grand
A vision that embraces our divine heritage
A vision of a world full of joy-filled human beings
Sharing and enjoying our diversities
United as one world family
A vision of a world where every person
Has a warm comfortable place to live
And where every person has plenty to eat
A vision of a world in which every person
Can walk freely down any street without fear
And when we pass each other
No matter our stature, color, race, or religion
We look into each other’s eyes
And see God
This is our prayer
This is our vision
Let peace prevail on earth.
Terri Doyle Stec