A Different Kind of “Boardroom”


It’s a family affair at new boutique surf shop by Tara Monks The Pineapple Staff Writer “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” These are the words of Albert Einstein, told to Adam Runyon by his father on such a regular basis during his youth, the statement has since evolved into a staple of belief. Adam Runyon is the owner and operator of The Board Room, Delray’s newest and finest addition to Atlantic Avenue. A walk through the shop will show you a high-end surf shop, clothing gallery with a hint of care- free or Boho-SoHo board lesson and rental company. Pick your preferred terminology for The Board Room; it’s all the same to Adam, as long as you love it. Runyon opened The Board Room in January 2012, on East Atlantic Avenue, with the help of his family and closest friends. Often, visitors will meet his daughters in the store, his brother at the register and family friends helping others find the perfect paddle-board, pair of sunglasses or presents for their wives, because the dresses are to die for. As the grandson of the founder of Ellen Tracy, Adam has worked in and gained a thor- ough knowledge of the fashion industry, from warehouse work to piece goods, production and sales. But always, as Adam explains, he grew up loving the boards. When asked for his own interpretation of The Board Room, he reveals, “I wanted to incorporate my background in fashion with my love of the ocean.” When asked about his inspiration and motivation, he smiles and begins discussing his daughters, 11-year-old Zoe and 9-year-old Jillian as the strength behind his stamina, and then moves on to his mother, his “best friend” who keeps him on his toes. The custom designed board racks, display cases and cabinetry made of recycled and repurposed products, along with the two tel- evisions, great music and positive energy emanating through the store create an envi- ronment that is not only fresh and beautifully distinct, but enjoyable. Those who come, stay for a while. There is no in-and-out visit here, thanks to an air of welcome, comfort and hospitality sometimes missed in Florida stores. Adam is friendly, a little too cool for school and happy to show you what just came in. His younger brother Brandon is as fresh faced as the shop, energetic and eager to please. His daughters are just an added bundle of joy to be around. If you haven’t stopped in yet, because you’ve either been on your way to yet another tourist trap or because you just weren’t sure what The Board Room was all about, it’s time you take a few steps past the front door and into the refreshing feel of authentic people trying to make an authentic business succeed. Once inside you will find some of the best products in the industry, including Starbord and Yolo paddle boards; Bing and COS surfboards; men’s clothing by Honolua, Xcel, Toes on the Nose, Dakine and OluKai; women’s clothing by Gypsy 05, Le Soleil, Hard Tail, Bettinis Swimwear, Voom and Hiho; accessories by Catherine M Zadeh and M. Cohen and sunglasses by Maui Jim, Kaenon and Spy Optic. These brands, of course, are just to name a few. And it’s not just the brands that are selling. When people come into The Board Room, they are struck by the fresh approach to the traditional surf shop. It is the personification of family, friends, passion and fashion – a different kind of luxury. Adam Runyon has worked hard to create an interesting mixture of beach-life influences, topped off with a commitment to providing for his family and the community in which he lives – Delray Beach. Just as his father instilled a sense of imagination, his family has continued to influence his motives. His business will never be about cut-throat economics and below-the-belt competitive tactics, it will always be honest, integral and in efforts to set great examples for his kids. In following suit with Einstien’s notions of creativity and imagination, Adam seems to have actualized another of his concepts: “Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.” And we all know, once you find and do what you love, success follows. While opening a boutique surf shop has always been a dream of his, it was not a planned reality until September 2011. Within three months of deciding to fulfill his vision of a fresh-faced surf shop, he converted the empty space at 1155 East Atlantic into a work of art that not only showcases product, but also seeks to “plant the seeds for a good future within Delray Beach.” And his imagination has created something that can only surpass visions of a good future. IF YOU VISIT: The Board Room – Mon-Sun 9am-6pm 1155 E Atlantic Ave, Suite 104