A Rock n’ Roll Archaeological Dig, as Elton John’s Music is Performed in ‘Early Elton’


On February 21, 2014 at the Crest Theatre in Delray Beach, a rock n’ roll archaeological dig will get underway, as singer/songwriter/producer/ drummer Rich Pagano, pianist/vocalist/ songwriter Jeff Kazee and singer/bassist John Conte join together as ‘Early Elton’. The trio of respected artists will deliver a historic recreation/interpretation of Elton John’s music, based specifically on the superstar’s live trio tour arrangements from the early seventies. No wigs, no costumes – just three great musicians performing the early music of a seminal artist. The event is presented by MUSICWORKS. Elton John’s studio/recording budgets were substantial, but from 1970 to 1972 his touring budgets were small by comparison. As a result, he was forced to restructure the arrangements of his albums and tour as a trio, since he had no money for a full band. Pagano, Kazee and Conte painstakingly scoured the net for rare video, soundboard mixes, bootleg recordings and even Elton’s own home demos…in shaping their collective vision of Elton’s Trio Period, they blur the line slightly between replication and innovation. No one has ever tackled the live trio arrangements in this way before. The Gospel/Funk of “Take Me To The Pilot”, the soulful storytelling of “Levon” and “Amoreena”, the epic-sounding “Burn Down The Mission”, the countrified “Country Comfort” and the grand scale of “Madman Across The Water” are just a few of the fantastic chapters that make up the Early Elton songbook. Early Elton is dedicated to continuing the spirit of this period—arguably, his finest in terms of material, production and performance. Early Elton Friday, February 21, 2014 • 8:00pm Crest Theatre. • Tickets $45/$60. Tickets: www.delraycenterforthearts.org All of MusicWorks’ shows involve/ benefit a local non-profit organization. They have done over 50 benefit concerts and have worked with artists including Judy Collins, the Counting Crows, Harry Connick, Jr., Tony Bennett and Bruce Springsteen.