Addison Mizner To Be Rebuilt At Existing Location


By: Diane Emeott Korzen Contributing Writer

For Boca residents who have been wondering whether Addison Mizner Elementary School is going to be rebuilt at its current location at 199 SW 12 Avenue – or at an alternative site of Sugar Sand Park about a mile away – the news that Addison Mizner is going to stay in the neighborhood was met with mixed reviews.

The dad of a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old, Jason Maeyens, who lives with his wife on 12 Avenue a few doors down from the school, was still looking for information on what’s going on with the school recently.

“I went to Sugar Sand Park, to the Fall public input meeting, but they told me I came a day too late. [The “Open Forum to discuss Addison Mizner School Rebuilding” was instead held at Boca Middle School on Oct. 5. A couple hundred parents and residents rang in on the two options presented.]

Maeyens was happy to hear that Addison Mizner would remain within walking distance for his children. “However, my son will go [to the new school near] Don Estridge during [Addison  Mizner] construction,” he said. “That’s too bad. But it can’t be helped.”

By all accounts, top-rated Addison Mizner Elementary, which currently serves 834 students as a K-5, is due for a rebuild. It was first built in the Boca Square area in 1967. And is now slated to potentially become a K-8.

The decision to keep the school at its current location was made by Superintendent Dr. Donald E. Fennoy II on April 23.

School board member Frank Barbieri said the school district developed a timeline for the rebuild and determined that the school should be rebuilt in 18 months and will be ready by Jan. 2022.

While Addison is being rebuilt, students will attend a new elementary school that will be built on 14 acres of unused land donated by the city near Don Estridge High Tech Middle School.

Barbieri said the goal is to start construction on the new school as soon as possible so its ready for Aug. 2020. Once the students begin school there, Addison will be torn down and reconstructed.

He said the new school will be K-5 with a chance for expansion through the eighth grade. It will be a regular boundary school, not a lottery.

Mayor Singer said between the new school and expanding Verde Elementary into a K-8 school will accommodate between ,1300 [to 1,600] new student seats in the City of Boca Raton.

“I am glad to have championed the plan for the first new school in Boca Raton in decades,” he said.