Art in the Alley 5!


Who: Mural Artist Sharon Koskoff, Lead Artist / Lisa & James Quillian, Alley Coordinators What: 25 Art in the Alley Artists volunteer to paint 25 New Trash Bins, placed as alley landmarks. Where: Alley enters at SE 2nd Street between SE 3rd & SE 4th Avenues. Just South of the new SOFA Building construction in Delray Beach. When to Paint: Saturday – February 21, 2015 @ 11 AM until dusk / Live Painting Outdoors on site in the Alley When to Party: Opening Reception / Sunday Eve – March 8, 2015 @ 5:00 PM Completed Animal Themed Trash Bins with Music by Chucka Riddim / Block Party in the Alley! Delray Beach Mural Artist Sharon Koskoff has organized 25 Art in the Alley Volunteers to go 3-D and paint 25 vividly colored trash bins creating Animals in the Alley. Come watch us paint on Saturday February 21st starting @ 11 am and then join the opening reception block party on Sunday March 8th @ 5 PM. The Alley is located at SE 2nd Street between SE 3rd & SE 4th Avenues in Delray Beach. Reggae Star Chucka Riddim will perform live at the Opening Reception. For years Delray neighborhoods have suffered with litter issues. Osceola Park, in particular, has noticed that their pedestrian friendly neighborhood does not have collection bins to keep litter from flowing into our Intracoastal environment. Therefore, this year eye-catching animal themed trash bins will be placed as landmarks at the previously art-filled public alleys, as well as high traffic areas to create awareness. The painted bins will be maintained by designated caretakers and stakeholders backed by the “Art in the Alley” team. So we ask kindly, DO Feed the Animals! Animals that WANT your litter! Newly purchased trash bins, primed white, with open-mouth lids will act as the blank canvas. Volunteer artists will create original and whimsical animal art. James Quillian imagines his childhood image of the “hungry hippo” and Lisa Quillian says “give a hoot, don’t pollute” would create an owl trash bin. Sharon Koskoff is donating the paint and materials for the artists and Lisa and James Quillian will work with the Art in the Alley Maintenance Team. Art in the Alley invites other Delray Beach neighborhood leaders to participate in order to imitate our Public Art Model. Jim Chard, SAFE organizer and Osceola Park neighbor, says “Wouldn’t it be great if all of Delray had art in all the alleys. What a way to encourage pedestrians and bicycles in our town”.