Art of Being a Gentleman


By Bancroft Style Team Special to The Pineapple So you’ve used our advice from last month, met the right girl and now your getting married. Obviously you’ve come back to us for advice on getting ready for your big day. And with ‘I Do Delray’ coming up this month, I figured its time to talk about wedding day style (both for the groom and the guest). And don’t worry, even if you have no intentions on getting married, you can apply these techniques for any, and all black tie affairs. The Traditional Bancroft is always a fan of the traditional Tux. By “traditional” we don’t mean a black suit, we mean a 1 or 2 button jacket with satin lapels (sholl, notch or peak lapels are a matter of choice) and a satin strip down the pant leg. If there is no vest, a cummerbund is perfectly acceptable. Stay away from trends. You don’t want to look back on it when the trend has long since passed. Beware of rentals. Often times they tend to fit poorly, but if you do go rental make sure you try it on to make sure it fits right, before the big day. The jacket should hug the body and the sleeves should show some cuff when you reach to shake someone’s hands. Make sure the shirt has either studs (the little black buttons that go in the buttonholes) or a button cover built into the shirt. Wear a full collar, not a wing tip collar, and proper cuff link sleeves. The tuxedo is the one time that you can get away with wearing patent leather shoes (the shiny ones), so feel free to do so. Just don’t try to wear them with anything else. Remember you are not a wedding ornament, so tell your bride to leave the pastels for her bridesmaids, and not for your vest and tie. Besides, black and white goes with everything. And finally, tie your own bowtie. Pre- tied bowties are for the children (and many professional classical musicians, unfortunately) The Beach Wedding Living in the Village by the Sea, the beach wedding is popular because it is beautiful, and fairly easy to accomplish for couples with simpler tastes. Simple though it may be, there are still some rules you may want to follow. Just because you are getting married on the beach, it doesn’t mean you should get sloppy. Nice khaki Chinos and a fitted linen shirt with bare feet work great! A shirt with a pocket makes for a great spot for boutonniere pinning. Khaki suits or light grey are also a great choice, perhaps without a tie, but the shirt should still be pressed and the collar firm so that it sits up on the jacket. And no flip-flops, it may be casual, but you are making one of the biggest commitments you will ever make, you should still dress well. So you’ve been invited to the wedding? If it says “Black Tie” wear a tux. If it says “Black Tie Optional” wear a tux. We believe it’s always better to be overdressed then underdressed. Beach weddings are less formal occasions but you should still be clean, neat, and ready, should the need for an informal speech or chance meeting with destiny arrive. Lighter colored suits are appropriate for outdoor fare, but not for an evening dinner in the ballroom. And again, no matter what the invitation says, unless the bride is wearing a bikini, no flip-flops and board shorts. The Hair When you think of your hair think simple, tasteful, neat, and clean. The shave should be close and the aftershave cologne, subtle. Sounds easy, but its your wedding day and this haircut will literally last forever. Plan on getting your wedding day haircut one week before your wedding. If you are thinking of growing out your hair for a new look, give yourself three months (in most cases) to reach the desired length you and your stylist discussed during a haircut consultation. This is not a good time to change your look; you don’t want to surprise your bride on her wedding day. The day of, in preparation of your nuptials, relax, get a haircut clean up, and get a shave. Whether it’s a hot shave or a quick clipper electric razor shave, smooth skin, or a tapered beard are essential to complete your wedding day grooming. Make sure the blades in your razor are new and clean. For best results when doing a razor shave at home with soap or shaving lather, shave after a nice hot shower. The pores are open and the steam from the shower has softened the beard follicle, allowing a close comfortable shave with minimal to no irritation. If you are shaving with an electric razor, do just the opposite; shave before you take a shower. Providing your skin is clean and dry the electric clipper or razor can grab and clip the beard follicle. Any moisture on the skin will impede the process because the hair will absorb and lay flat. After the shave splash on some cold water, the colder the better. The cold snap will help to close the pores, limiting dust hair to clog the follicle. Apply aftershave liberally as an astringent to clean and heal the skin. Follow up with a light spritz or splash of cologne. A haircut and a shave and a trip down the aisle will be captured in time. Look good and feel confident. Next month we invite Ted Keer, our resident Minister of fine beer and spirits, to educate us on the difference between highland and lowland scotches, how to impress the boss at the cocktail party, and what drink you want to be ordering on that first date! Until then: “Know who you are, and who you want to become, and dress accordingly” Bancroft Services are a full service Men’s style consultant service, offering advice in all areas of dress, grooming and manners. We specializing in taking care of grooms and groomsman on their wedding day. Our team barber Ian Caven (@thebarber777) contributed the hair portion of our article. And Drew Tucker (@drewMtucker) contributed the style advice. You can reach us at