Arts Warehouse Seeks Artists For Drawing Rally, Art Throwdown Event


Staff report

Delray’s Arts Warehouse is holding a Monster Drawing Rally and Art Throwndown on June 7 and is putting out a call to artists to participate.

The event is a fundraiser for the arts incubator. Artists from Orlando, Tampa and Miami have already signed up.

The Monster Drawing Rally is part performance, part art-walk and part art sale.

During a Monster Drawing Rally artists create artworks from start-to-finish in front of a live audience. Artwork can be purchased for $30 as soon as they are finished. If more than one person wants the same piece of art they will rock, paper, scissors to see who gets to buy it.

The night caps off with the Arts Throwdown will have artists go head to head in a 90 minute challenge.

Artist Registration deadline is May 10.

Go to for complete details.