Atlantic Crossing changes shot down by commissioners

Proposed rendering of Atlantic Crossing. Courtesy of Atlantic Crossing.

By: Marisa Gottesman, Associate Editor

Concessions made by the developers of Atlantic Crossing were not enough to please city commissioners.

Delray commissioners voted down a proposal to add changes to the project to help alleviate congestion late Tuesday.

The proposal included adding a road that connects Northeast Seventh Avenue to Northeast Sixth Avenue. It also included redesigning the valet area, hiring a person to coordinate traffic flow during loading and unloading periods and promises to shut down the valet service if too many vehicles are in the queue.

Mayor Cary Glickstein and Commissioners Shelly Petrolia and Mitch Katz voted against the proposal. Commissioners Jordana Jarjura and Al Jacquet voted for the changes to the project.

Atlantic Crossing received site plan approval in Jan. 2014. The redevelopment project plans to bring apartments, restaurants, shops and offices.

It is currently in federal litigation. The developers allege the city has improperly delayed it from moving forward.

Part of the lawsuit hinged on the road debate, which came to a close Tuesday. Originally, commissioners and residents asked for a road to be added to the project. When the developers agreed to add the road, there was controversy over what type of road should be added.

Ultimately, some commissioners stated the road was too little too late to gain their support.

Because the changes were not supported by commissioners, the lawsuit will likely move ahead.

We will be reporting on the topic more. Be sure to check back when we go to press in May.