Atlantic High Seniors Push For Park Gym


Staff report
Two Atlantic Community High school seniors want to add a park gym to Barwick Park.
It started as a school project for Talia Vessal and Christelle Singh, who are seniors enrolled in the International Baccalaureate Career Program with a concentration in the Drafting and Engineering Program.
The girls said most students volunteer with Habitat for Humanity to fulfill their required project for the program, but they wanted to challenge themselves.
“We decided we wanted to do something different,” Singh said. “We decided to build an outdoor workout park.”
They both said they have seen the parks in other cities and thought it would be an asset to Delray.
“We thought building a workout park will bring the community together,” Vessal said.
They said they chose Barwick Park because it is close to their school and located near a lot of family residences that would benefit from having a free place to exercise.
What started as blueprints on a piece of paper for their class assignment has turned into a business venture. They said they have been meeting with businesses and local residents to gain support and funding for the project.
They said they will present to the city this month and request additional funding.
There is currently an online Go Fund Me account to help pay for the project. They are trying to hit $55,000. To donate,