How do you define balance? Take a moment and think about what balance means to you and how you would explain it. Start with a quick look at where your focus has been and where has your time been mostly spent. Now factor in your hopes, goals and dreams and consider where you prefer your focus and time to be spent. Finally, think about all the challenges that life throws at you on a daily basis, and how you usually end up floating somewhere between how you spend you time and what you wish you spent your time on. Take me for instance. Three holiday parties, my birthday and the actual holidays taking place, have seriously thrown me off my rhythm. Combine that with the unexpected over budget, pressures at work, and a few other “are you @#$% kidding me moments”, and suddenly my well thought out plans are slowly vanishing. Every area suddenly becomes more stressful, due to the sudden change of events. Such is life, but it doesn’t have to be a tragedy, and I found the answer can be a simple reevaluation of my priorities. Here are some helpful tips to get you back on track for the new year and on to your balanced day to day living. 1. Define what are your priorities. Socrates once said “Know thy self”. In regards to priorities, the ball is in your court. Nobody knows what makes you tick, and figuring out what is important to you should be the first step. Not to mention, a second look at if what you consider important still serves you well. 2. Have a Plan. A simple plan of action will be invaluable as life happens. You must take the time to think through what you want to accomplish in a realistic way so that you know how to divide your time and resources toward the achievement of those things. 3. Exercise. There is more than enough information to obtain on the benefits of exercise. However, for whatever reason, if you can’t dedicate a good portion of your life to a workout routine, simply walk, stretch, or even focus on your breath. Benefits range beyond a six pack, and exercise can even help you stay focused during the most stressful of times. 4. Just do it! Every action has a reaction. The first step is action, and without it all the planing and defining of priorities means nothing. Instead of creating far, out of reach goals that will deter you at the first sign of failure, make your life easier and break your goals down to the tiniest of steps. Whether by the day, month, or year, having obtainable goals will be key to your success. So there you have it. I can’t promise you that this is the cure for a balanced life, but I can tell you it eliminates some of the pressures of my own. Life is a moving target and always changing, so we have to allow, and plan in advance, the time to move and change with it when necessary. It’s the only way! It also reminds me of this famous quote: “Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely.” Write me at: or call 561-929-8905