Beach & Park District Selects Price, Fazio Duo As Ocean Breeze Golf Course Designers


By: Diane Emeott Korzen Contributing Writer

A team of Nick Price and Tom Fazio II edged out more than a dozen architects interested in designing a new golf course at Boca’s Ocean Breeze.

Now, the Greater Boca Raton Beach & Park District will work on solidifying a contract with the architects.

The decision was discussed last month during a joint meeting the district held with the city.

In final rankings, the Nick Price/Tom Fazio II team was ranked No. 1 after winning the hearts of the Beach & Park District Board.

Executive Director Arthur Koski said he would begin negotiating with the No.1 ranked firm.

“In the event we can’t come to an agreement on fees with No. 1, the law provides that we can

negotiate with the No. 2 ranked firm [and so on],” he said.

The No. 2 ranked firm was Andy Staples/Beau Welling, No. 3 ranked was Richard Mandell and No. 4 ranked was Vincent Design.

The Nick Price/Tom Fazio team gave a refreshing, off the cuff, introduction of their very experienced, local team, and spent their allotted time answering any questions board members might have.

Vice President of the Nick Price/Tom Fazio team Wayne Branthwaite let the Board get acquainted with: Land Planner Charles Putman; Survey/Civil Engineer Jeff Schnauers; Golf Course Architect Jorge Garcia of Garcia Stromberg; Environmental Consultant Mary Lindgren;

Landscape Architect Carol Perez; and Golf Course Designers Nick Price and Tom Fazio.

“We are not a flight or a phone call away, we are right here, 20 minutes away,” Fazio said. I’ve lived in South Florida for 47 years and have studied the grasses. One of the newest is Lattitude 36. If you think you’ve started your Education Process, just wait! …We’re with you every step of the way … we’re not just a one size fits all [operation]!”

Commissioner Craig Ehrnst asked about the timeframe of opening the new course and clubhouse since the city is selling the Boca Municipal course.

Fazio said he had successfully completed the golf course for Quail Valley Golf Club in Vero Beach in 5 1/2 months, and that he still visits his old clients.

“I’m not here to make design changes, but to make sure it gets done correctly [the first time]. If I can’t get them [workers] to do what we want, they get off the bulldozer and I get on! The devil is in the details,” Fazio described his hands-on design style.”

Koski outlined the timeframe after selection of a golf course design team:

Design — 7 months

Permitting — 2 to 3 months

Construction – 12 to 18 months

The completely redesigned Ocean Breeze golf course – to be called Boca National –- could possibly open by March 2020.