Boca-Based Gift Of Life Marrow Registry Launches Mobile App


Staff report

Boca Raton’s Gift of Life Marrow Registry, a nonprofit, public bone marrow and blood stem cell registry,  recently announced the launch of their groundbreaking new app, SwabApp for both iOS and Android, on World Marrow Donor Day.

The new smart phone app facilitates the donor registration process with streamlined access to pre-screening questions and the donation process.

From joining the registry to managing appointments if one is called as a match, the app provides a seamless experience for donors while offering opportunities for participating in the nonprofit’s events and fundraising.

“Since its inception, Gift of Life has prided itself on being innovators in the field of bone marrow donor recruitment and we are thrilled to have debuted the app on such a special day,” said Gift of Life Founder and CEO Jay Feinberg. “Our team worked tirelessly to create an app that makes it that much easier to save a life and put that power in the palm of peoples’ hands.”

The new app is the latest in a long list of “firsts” accomplished by Gift of Life. They were the first to recruit donors via cheek swab kits, first to utilize its website to allow donors to register and the first to offer mobile registration for donors at recruitment drives.

Gift of Life is a member of the World Marrow Donor Association (WMDA), a global organization of blood stem cell and marrow registries that originated the annual World Marrow Donor Day event.

According to the World Marrow Donor Association, more than 30 million people from over 55 countries have joined registries. Over 50,000 patients per year look for a matched donor outside their family and almost half of the patients that find a donor, find his or her perfectly matched donor in another country.

For more information about Gift of Life visit or call 561-982-2900.