Boca-Based Mave Maternity Offers New Pregnancy Fashion Trend: Bellyhoods


By: Marisa Herman Associate Editor

Mathilda Christofferson felt sexy when she was pregnant with her son and she wanted her pregnancy clothes to reflect how she felt.

So, she began wrapping a scarf around her pregnant belly to showcase her growing bump.

Now, through her company Mave Maternity, she is selling those scarves that she calls “Bellyhoods” to expecting mothers. Mave translates to belly in Danish, her native language.

It started when she was expecting her son, Hudson, who is now 7. She said she had a hard time finding more fitted pregnancy clothes, so she would tie a scarf around her baby bump.

But the knot in the back became uncomfortable when she was driving or sitting, so she got a sewing machine and created the first Bellyhood.

She said it can be worn over dresses or pants and helps cover your stomach when wearing tank tops that may be too short to cover an expecting mom’s growing belly. It is a soft, stretchy material that goes over your stomach and expands with you as your belly grows. You either step into it or put it over your shoulders and onto your stomach.

It hides a protruding belly button, pant buttons, open pants and love handles. Towards the latter stages of pregnancy the Bellyhood offers support. The back is pleated and rests on your lower back.

It is 29 inches in circumference when ‘un-stretched’ and due to the pleated backing, the middle of the bellyhood will accommodate a bump up to 50 inches in circumference.

“It goes with whatever you can match it with,” she said. “Use your creativity.”

She switches out the patterns depending on the season.

She sold them in a few boutiques in Los Angeles where she was living at the time and online through ETSY.

But when her son was born, she said she wanted to focus on being a stay-at-home mother, so Bellyhood took a hiatus.

Christofferson moved to Boca Raton recently. She is a single mother to her son and a real estate agent and decided to relaunch and improve her creation.

Currently, she said is working on educating people about her product.

“It’s a new product,” she said. “I’m selling something that no one knows what it is.”

She has a manufacturer that brings her designs to fruition. Bellyhoods have an international presence in Denmark, Japan and Australia.

Bellyhoods can be purchased locally at Bellini in Boca Raton and online at They cost $45 and shipping in the United States is free.