Boca Black Film Festival Screens In July


BOCA RATON, FL – The Boca Black Film Festival is back for a second year, returning with more than 25 educational workshops, panel discussions and film screenings that celebrate the creative works of black independent filmmakers and content producers. The three-day summer film festival runs from Thursday, July 16, through Saturday, July 18, at the Embassy Suites Boca Raton. The annual festival educates, supports and nurtures independent and emerging filmmakers from the tri-county area and around the state of Florida. In 2014, South Florida’s newest film festival tested the waters and found that South Floridians are eager for more film opportunities like this in their own communities. So, this year, the Boca Black Film Festival will attempt to answer the call again. Lizabeth Martin and Dhima Martin, the festival’s directors, believe that film is a collaborative effort. They show their support to other film festivals, as they also strive to offer their own workshop sessions and film competition to emerging writers, directors and filmmakers. “We could not have had such a great start without the support of so many local festival directors,” Lizabeth shared. “The advice alone helped us navigate management and operations that is not normally available to the public.” The Boca Black Film Festival is the premier creative arts and educational film fest that specifically celebrates and champions independent film works created, designed and inspired by persons of black heritage. As one of Florida’s and the tri-county area’s only film festivals dedicated to the art and craft of filmmaking for black content makers, the Boca Black Film Festival organization strives for authenticity and originality in promoting and screening film works. The festival provides balance in creative arts development, training sessions, networking, mentorship and endeavors that promote well-balanced, diverse images of color in film, television and other media venues. The Boca Black Film Festival celebrates the imaginative, organically grown, perspective that is uniquely black American. The 2015 Boca Black Film Festival is offering two free pre-festival workshops this year. Through the organization’s community program, the Boca Black Film Initiative presented its first workshop, a crash course on Grant Writing that discussed the top 10 alternative means to finance film works, on June 20, at the West Boca Library branch. This workshop also touched upon crowd funding sources, like Indiegogo. On July 11, the Boca Black Film Initiative will present a session entitled, Media Access Matters, to help novice filmmakers and film publicists navigate traditional and non-traditional media options. This workshop will also highlight social media measures that are low-cost or free. Filmmakers are already using many of these social networking options, but the Boca Black Film Festival team will take it to the next level. To sign up online for this workshop, go to The Boca Black Film Festival is open to the public and discounted student rates are available for student ambassadors who sign up for community service hours. Festival registration starts at $200 for the three-day pass or $100 for a student three-day pass. For more details, visit