Boca Chamber Radio Produces 24/7 Content


Staff report

Boca Chamber Radio has been streaming the airwaves around the clock for just over a year.

The concept was brought to the chamber by radio and broadcasting gurus Dean Miuccio and Joe Brennan.

The idea: provide nonstop coverage of Boca news, businesses and happenings.

Located in the Boca Raton Chamber, the station has its own studio where content is streamed live and taped.

“It’s been a lot of fun,” Miuccio said.

Participants have ranged from lawyers to business owners to people promoting a product. Those interested in a time slot pay for their time on air. There are rates for chamber members and non-chamber members.

Segments range from a seven minute business feature to a 15 minute segment up to an hour long. Miuccio hosts “Good Day Boca” a live segment on weekdays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the station.

Miuccio and Brennan came up with the concept of a chamber radio station as a way to create something different from AM/FM radio. They went with a chamber because they have a built in clientele list with the chamber members.

The idea is to spread into other chambers across the state and then nationally, creating a chamber radio network.

Over the past year, Miuccio estimates they have featured hundreds of different people on various segments and shows.

You can catch content at any time of the day through a free app or through the website.

Visit for more information.