Boca Helping Hands’ food delivery curtailed as truck dies, nonprofit seeking help to replace truck


Staff report

A truck used to deliver food for Boca Helping Hands has failed, curtailing delivery efforts.

The 24-foot truck was used regularly to procure and deliver food to the needy. Now, the nonprofit is looking for community help to get a new truck.

“With the loss of this truck, we’re having to use multiple vehicles to fill these needs, resulting in double the fuel and paid drivers,” said Greg Hazle, Executive Director of Boca Helping Hands. “We are unable to provide food to as many people in need because of our current situation. We are asking for the community’s help to replace this truck.”

The truck was used to:

  • Pick up at Feeding South Florida. The vehicle held 10 pallets of food. Now, Boca Helping Hands has to send two of its smaller trucks with two drivers and pay for twice the amount of fuel to pick up the same amount of food.
  • Help operate the BHH Backpacks Program. The vehicle delivered pallets of food to 10 participating local elementary schools in Boca Raton, Delray Beach and Boynton Beach. The food was then placed in backpacks for kids to take home to have meals over the weekend.
  • Bring pantry bags to BHH’s Boynton Beach satellite. The truck transported food to the Boynton Beach pantry bag distribution location. With the loss of this truck, fewer pantry bags of groceries can be distributed to Boynton Beach families.
  • Store and deliver Thanksgiving Box Brigade meals. If not replaced in time, the loss of this truck will affect upcoming Thanksgiving plans to feed the community, including the Box Brigade and Turkey Distribution Day.

To find out how to help, contact Karen Swedenborg at 561-417-0913, ext. 202 or email