Boca National Clubhouse Moving; District Sponsors Golf Tourney For $60,000


By: Diane Emeott Korzen Contributing Writer

The Greater Boca Raton Beach & Park District has approved a move for the clubhouse at the new Boca National Golf Course — from the northwest corner to the southeast side.

Why is the clubhouse moving? A great deal of concern was raised regarding traffic, and getting those using the clubhouse to the northwest corner of the golf course. The move was also said to make financial and operational sense. The clubhouse is to be multifunctional, not solely for golf, and could also be used for events and parties.

“Instead of highlighting a beautiful view of the 18th hole, it will be a functional clubhouse,” clubhouse architect Jorge Garcia of GarciaStromberg said.

Garcia painted a picture with his words of having a food and beverage area, grill room and bar at the clubhouse. The north side of the clubhouse could be a Wellness Center, while the south side could be anmore golf-oriented pro shop.

“We are trying to integrate as much flexibility as possible, for as many uses as possible,” he said,

adding that the combined square footage for the clubhouse is now 15,000-square-feet instead of 12-13,000 square feet.

The process of hiring a golf course contractor for the $24 million Boca National Golf Course at Boca Tecca is underway.

The next step, as of press time, is to finalize drawings for the 18-hole, par 3, and driving range sections of the golf course and to firm up construction costs, said Harms, as Boca City Council has expressed an interest in seeing a financial packet before agreeing to a next joint meeting between the Beach & Park District and City Council.

The goal is to have the new golf course open in 2020, which is Phase 1. Phase 2 construction involves the golf course buildings, such as the clubhouse, maintenance building and restrooms.

Other news

Golf tournament sponsorship

The Beach & Park District voted 3 to 2 (with Commissioner Steve Engel and Vice Chair Erin Wright voting against) to be one of the sponsors for the Oasis Championship, to a tune of $60,000, at its Jan. 7 meeting.

In 2018, when the former Allianz tournament for 11 years was suddenly without a title sponsor, the District kicked in $500,000 – until it could find a new title sponsor.

The Oasis Championship is coming Feb. 4 -10 at the Old Course at Broken Sound.

Staff, board changes

The 2019 New Year has brought a redistribution of titles among the Greater Boca Raton Beach & Park District Board and staff.

Commissioner Susan Vogelgesang has become Chairman; Erin Wright, Vice Chairman; and Craig Ehrnst, who has a background in accounting, will continue as Treasurer. Former Chair Robert Rollins is still a Commissioner, as is Steve Engle.

Assistant Executive Director Briann Harms is now Interim Executive Director, assuming the Executive Directors’ role, while longtime Executive Director Arthur Koski is acting as a Construction Manager for the golf course, focusing on being a daily liaison to the Price

Fazio golf course design team.

Longtime Beach & Park District Board Secretary Madlane “Maddy” Bentivegna is retiring Feb. 1 after 32 years of service. Executive Assistant JoAnn Miller has assumed many of her

duties. Melissa Dawson, whose start date was Oct. 16, 2017, is Facilities Manager.