Boca Raton incorporates internet for city business


Staff report
Need an approval from the city of Boca Raton? The number of trips to City Hall and the process of getting an answer from the city has gotten easier with the city’s introduction of ProjectDox last month.
The new program allows the city’s Planning and Zoning Division to accept applications and development plans online.
City officials say the new platform saves residents, architects, land use attorneys and developers time and money because the process is more efficient.
“This move to bring the Planning and Zoning Division online is part of a broader effort to increase efficiency, collaboration and document management among city departments, and to support a green initiative,” said Sherilee Fairweather, the City’s Business System Analyst who managed the project.
The City Council has advocated and set aside money for technology upgrades in 2009 and 2013. Over time, various city departments have moved to online platforms.
Also already available on the city’s website are the City Council agendas and minutes was well as live and archived videos of meetings. Residents can also sign up to receive emergency alerts, the city’s monthly e-news and meeting agendas to their email accounts.
The new online system allows all agencies and city boards to review the application in one place. Internal city departments can see the plans as well as outside agencies that may need to sign off including the Lake Worth Drainage District and the Boca Raton Airport Authority.
“There can be as many as 20 people reviewing documents, asking for clarification, making changes and comments,” said Boca’s Acting Development Services Deputy Director Jim Bell.