Boca Raton Tech Company Built App Promoting Craft Beer, Breweries


Staff report
Daruma Tech has launched a mobile app that allows craft breweries and craft beer aficionados to unite in one place.
The privately held software design firm housed in Boca Raton’s FAU Research Park, has a mission of supporting the rapidly growing craft beer market by providing brewers with ways to connect to craft beer lovers.
To do so, they have created Brewers Marketing, which provides craft beer connoisseurs a one-stop app for all the latest information on regional brews, brewery tours and events.
The app has already launched for the Nevada market and its Nevada Craft Brewers Association.
New York State and its 190 Brewers Association members will go live this month. Following, will be Ohio and its Ohio Craft Brewers Association, which is affiliated with more than 170 brewers.
The three apps are individually branded and customized to each state’s craft brewing association and its brewers.
Owner and founder Robert Kennedy said Daruma picked the craft beer market because of its growth and because craft beer is a fun industry.
Susan Erickson of Daruma Tech explained how the app works for the brewers and the beer drinkers.
On the brewer’s side, she said they can update information about new seasonal ales or promotions they are offering. On the craft beer drinker’s side, they can see where breweries are located, have the app plan a brewery tour for them based on a geographic location or leave reviews on beers.
The app allows you to scan and catalog beers you try and will even give you local recommendations that may be similar to a taste you like.
You can see calendars of upcoming events at breweries, get directions and other contact information of breweries, curate your own personal list of favorites and link to social media accounts.
The app can be updated in real time, which allows users to receive a “passport stamp” after visiting a brewery on their brew tour
Erickson said the information can be customized to each state’s specific app. Tab options include features like where to buy that beer, augmented reality ability and a selfie option.
The company is in talks with several other state’s brewer’s associations. As for when Florida will have its own Brewers Marketing app, Kennedy and Erickson said they have reached out.
If you are visiting a state with Brewers Marketing, you can download the app for free in the app store and start trying different local breweries.