Boca West Country Club To Launch Job Training Internship Program For Young Adults With Disabilities This Summer


Staff report

Boca West Country Club has entered into an agreement with The Unicorn Children’s Foundation, Inc. to launch a job training internship program for young adults with disabilities in August.

Interns will range in age from 17-24 years of age who have an intellectual or developmental disability which makes it statistically more difficult for them to find jobs upon completion of high school.

The unemployment rate for youth with disabilities is approximately 80 percent despite their ability and willingness to work. With the launch of the Project SEARCH site at Boca West Country Club, it is expected that at least 74 percent of interns will find competitive and meaningful employment following graduation.

Boca West Country Club will be the first private residential community to participate in this internationally renowned program.

“We are honored to be the first company chosen to partner with the Unicorn Children’s Foundation/Unicorn Village Academy for this project and excited to get it on board,” said Matthew Linderman, COO & General Manager of Boca West Country Club. “My team and I are certain this is the beginning of a long successful collaboration.”

The Unicorn Children’s Foundation, Inc., recognized as a leading expert in the field of special needs, introduced the program to Boca West Country Club after receiving a training and planning grant from the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council to expand the Project SEARCH program and improve employment outcomes for these young adults.

“This evidence-based program will not only reduce recruitment costs, improve retention rates in high turnover positions, enhance workforce diversity at Boca West Country Club, but we hope that it will create a cultural shift of acceptance, inclusion, and opportunity throughout the community,” Unicorn Children’s Foundation CEO Sharon Alexander said.

Students should currently be enrolled in a Palm Beach County, Broward County or other private school and be interested in increasing independence, confidence and self-esteem while learning competitive, transferrable and marketable job skills.

For more information or to reserve your space, contact Ivonne Rodriguez at 561-620-9377 or