Boca’s 4Voice makes acquisition to serve more businesses


Staff report

Amruth Laxman was running phone systems in the cloud before the cloud existed.

The former Siemens employee is the CEO and founding partner of 4Voice, a telecommunication provider, based in Boca Raton.

Laxman founded the company 13 years ago with several other engineers he worked with on technology projects with at Siemens.

The 4Voice office is located in Broken Sound Park, just across from where he used to work on the Siemens campus. He has about 25 employees.

Essentially, his company helped small and medium sized businesses ditch their landlines to use the phone via the internet, which is called voice over internet.

4Voice has over 10,000 users and thanks to a recent acquisition, it will gain some more. The company acquired nexVortex’s hosted voice business.

Laxman said the move will double 4Voice’s size in both customers and revenue. The purchase gave 4Voice some technology from nexVortex, employees and support resources.

With the acquisition, Laxman said the goal is to keep ahead of the competition by working on integrating technology and social media into their platform.

From the users perspective, they just have a phone on their desk or an app on their cell phone. 4Voice’s products allow an office to transfer calls, create a queue for customer service calls and help companies with international satellite offices make calls without extra fees.

An average user pays about $25 a month for the service, Laxman said.