Boca’s Cosmetic Solutions breaks ground on expansion


By: Marisa Gottesman Associate Editor
Tucked away in an industrial area of Boca Raton’s Park of Commerce Blvd., chemists, machines and people are focused on mixing, bottling and shipping thousands of skin care products across the world.
Cosmetic Solutions started with two brothers 25 years ago. This summer, the Boca Raton-based company has plans to double its building size and add more members to its team.
The private label and contract manufacturing company creates safe and natural projects that simulate and accelerate the skin’s natural healing process. They produce their own line of products called Professional Solutions and create thousands of serums, creams and ointments for other companies.
The company produces 50,000 unique items and ships out millions of products.
“Innovation is something we are big on,” COO Warren Becker said as he explained a new bioplacenta rejuvenating product the company recently released.
While no placenta is actually used in the formula, he said the peptides used to create the product replicate the nutrients and benefits from a placenta.
“All we need is an idea,” he said.
The company started with an idea his uncle plastic surgeon Hilton Becker had. An inventor as well as doctor, he wanted to come up with a way to help his patients who were having adverse reactions to products on the market, his nephew said.
He had already patented the adjustable breast implant, which is used when women have a mastectomy and may need to match the sizing of their breasts. So, when he noticed there was a new problem to tackle, he began coming up with new products.
His father Mervyn moved down from New York’s garment district to help and the two grew the business from the doctor’s office to a growing warehouse.
The two original products used Glycolic acid and Hyaluronic acid. Becker said he uses the Hyaluronic moisturizer daily and its is their most popular product.
The company produces all types of treatment-based products from acne treatments and anti-aging serums to instant face lifts and cleaners. Most of them use simple products.
Cosmetic Solutions doesn’t only create the formulas, they bottle them, label them and ship them across the world. If a company needs a label, they have a graphic design team on site. If they aren’t sure what kind of bottling they want, there are hundreds of shapes in different colors and materials from plastic to glass. There are pumps, sprays and caps in various sizes. Any combination can be selected to create a product specific to a company’s vision.
On a recent Thursday afternoon, employees silently mixed chemicals in the lab measuring all the products to the precise amount, checked to make sure every label was placed properly and packed products into boxes with proper shipping labels.
When employees have breaks, they can play foosball or sit in a massage chair. The company offers boot camp training in the parking lot for those who want to stay in shape and English class for people learning.
“This is a family business for me,” Becker said. “I think about what my dad has built and what I can build for my children. It’s all about training and developing employees.”
Currently, there are about 80 employees and there are plans to add about 20 more over the next two years. The 40,000-square-foot space they are in now will total 65,000-square-feet once the renovation is complete.