Boca’s new banner campaign waves high on city streets


By: Brett Pizzi Contributing writer
It’s never too early to spice things up and Boca is doing so with its “Come Early, Stay Late” message, which is making its splash on more than 250 banners throughout the city.
The banners feature rich colors and creative designs on major streets, such as Federal Highway and Mizner Boulevard, and through the plazas and shopping centers, showcasing all the city’s sights to see.
With over 14 new and different designs and seven sleek colors, the 250 new banners display all the activities Boca has to offer. Depicting things such as shopping, dining, events, music, and more, Boca highlights some of its strongest traits with these new banners.
“Our new banners were designed to inspire both locals and visitors, by visually communicating all the exciting experiences downtown Boca has to offer – and there are many,” said Downtown Manager Ruby Childers.
With Boca’s message of “Come Early, Stay Late” the new banners help symbolize what Boca is all about, a community that has something for everyone. Whether it be a bustling night out on the town or a quiet day time dining experience, the banners show there is something for everyone to come and enjoy, from the start of the day until the end of it.
Regardless if you’re a biker, a walker, or a driver, the sights and colors of Boca are here to be shown off.