Boca’s WOW Health Group caters to women


By: Marisa Gottesman Associate Editor
Want a one-stop shop where you can go for all your health and wellness concerns? Boca Raton’s WOW Health Group may be the place.
The office combines beauty and wellness with a team of estheticians and physicians who address women’s issues from anti-aging treatments to weight management treatments.
Recently, we tried out one of WOW’s newest treatments called Alpha-Stim M. The portable machine sends alpha waves through your body. Alpha waves are what some say put people in a zen-like or meditative state. The treatment is used to help people with anxiety, depression and even pain.
Licensed massage therapist and esthetician Nikita Brown explained how the treatment works and that the machine can be bought for home-use if it is prescribed to a patient. She said the technology has been used by the military to help treat soldiers suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Little probes hang from your ears like earrings and you feel tiny pulsations on your ears. You can control how strong the pulsations are on the machine like you are controlling the volume on a television remote control.
Brown said the probes can be used on places where a person has joint pain as well.
So, I closed my eyes and let the alpha waves take over. I don’t know how deep of a state I got into, but I do know when Brown nudged me to open my eyes, my face was completely flushed as the vibrations got the blood flow moving in my face.
If you want to stay more traditional when relaxing, WOW offers massages, facials and a menu of other treatments.
Paramedical esthetician Evette Carrazana demonstrated a facial offered on the menu. She said her No. 1 requested treatment is anything that will help with anti-aging.
“The Fountain of Youth, everyone is looking for it,” she said.
Her tip for keeping skin looking youthful is to remove all the dead skin cells from your face at least once a month.
For more information, call 1-866-376-0632.