Brooklyn Café TV Show & Radio Show Takes Residence At The Heart Of Delray Gallery


By: David DiPino Contributing Writer

The Brooklyn Café is humor, hot topics and a healthy serving of feel good to help your day go easier during the weekday lunch.

Radio hosts Dawn and Freddy S. talk about food, health, dating and dream making.

Locals can call-in to The Brooklyn Café with a story to share, movie review or restaurant critiques.

The Brooklyn Café TV Show is now syndicated in New York, Boston and Atlanta, and California as well as on-air in South Florida via the WWNN 95.3 FM and 1470 AM Radio on The Health & Wealth Network and heard globally on the AM 1470 WNN iHeartRadio app –

The Brooklyn Café TV Show and radio show starring Freddy Santory and Dawn Graubert is now live every weekday at noon from the Heart of Delray Gallery, 440 N. Federal Highway.

Dawn and Freddy S. have a unique camaraderie on-air. Dawn controls the radio show with her “Wish Wand” while Freddy brings that loud, Brooklyn, New York, humor.

“There’s this guy who recently called me and said I want to come by The Brooklyn Café so I told him come on down and there’s a pizzeria in New York called The Brooklyn Café so then the guy calls me and says I’m here at The Brooklyn Café and I don’t see anybody so I told him your way off,” says Santory.

On “Wanderful Wednesdays” on The Brooklyn Café, Dawn twirls her wand. She likes unicorns and fairies. Freddy S. likes to talk about baseball, the New York Mets and is the wine and food connoisseur of the show. Though Dawn knows so much more than Freddy, she’s smart, clever, knows food, wine and most of all health, whereas Freddy is as far from health as Artie Lange on The Howard Stern Show.

“I’ll vitalize this water with the vitalizer app while we’re on the air,” says Graubert. “But you’re making all that noise on the air,” says Freddy. “While we’re on the air the vitalizer app is going to change the molecular structure of your water but has to be on the glass for the vibration. Counterclockwise,” says Dawn. “Don’t do it clockwise because then you’re going to spiral out of control. If I go kooky Dawn, it’s on you,” says Santory. “Everything comes together so synergistically,” says Graubert. “All those words,” says Santory.

The back and forth is non-stop and at times is hilarious, Freddy is funny and Dawn is professional, has the best posture and is smart. Freddy has no hair so he’s the butt of all bald jokes. Freddy has horrible posture. He’s also Puerto Rican. Freddy says he hates LeBron James because he’s a New York Knicks fan and that LeBron brought two World Championships to the NBA’s Miami Heat.

“Freddy needs like a Havana hat. Let’s get you a Puerto Rican hat Freddy,” says Graubert.

“There’s no such thing as a Puerto Rican hat. That’s a Cuban hat. I’m going to go around wearing a Cuban hat. Like my life isn’t complicated enough,” says Santory.

Daniel “Banana Dan” Cianciotto, owner at The Heart of Delray Gallery, lets The Brooklyn Café TV & Radio Show squat in one of the countless rooms at the expansive 11,000-plus square foot enclaves.

If you visit The Heart of Delray ask for “Banana Dan” as he’s known to the locals. Dawn, Freddy and Banana Dan have also brought in another radio show to The Heart of Delray Gallery called “Art Radio Network.” The radio broadcast is on WWNN 95.3 FM & 1470 Am as wells as The Heart of Delray gallery’s Facebook Live page at

“Interesting explanations and viewpoints capturing a moment or choosing the moment to capture,” says one Art Radio Network viewer, Dale Schiffer Solomon.

Banana Dan and Salvatore Principe, a former employee of Studio 54 in New York City and now an artist and wine label owner, who found his calling in life as a well-known abstracts, butterflies, heartworks, impressions, Pop Art and mixed media artist, as one of Boca Raton’s most famous living artists, is a regular at The Heart of Delray Gallery.

“It’s experimental and food. Art and beauty is just fantastic,” says Laurence Gartel, Art Radio Network host and known as a pioneer of digital art in global art circles.

A recent Art Radio Network show with Banana Dan, Gartel, Greg McLaughlin, musician turned artist, Randy Blitz, drummer of King Colton & Chrome Skulls, had 812 Views, 16 shares and 21 Likes on The Heart of Delray’s Facebook Live page alone. The guys munched on foods from local vendors while sifting through art books.

Each month The Heart of Delray hosts gallery walks with local food vendors, beer and wine. Hundreds of artists, musicians and hipsters from Palm Beach to Miami show up at the unique, one of a kind event space. At press time, 79 artists show their work at The Heart of Delray Gallery, they have even more wall space available and private artist studios available, and a huge parking lot to park cars for events at The Heart of Delray Gallery. Have an event there and Banana Dan will even roll out the red carpet into the entrance of the spacious 11,000-plus square-foot gallery.

For more information on The Heart of Delray gallery call 561-278-0074 or Banana Dan on his call at 561-707-0360 or visit  To Call-In to The Brooklyn Café TV & Radio Show call 1-888-565-1470 or visit AMP2TV on Facebook or You Tube.