What You Can Do To Maintain Your Home


By: Christel Silver Special to the Boca and Delray newspapers

When buying your home, you are primarily concerned about your financial obligation.  You sometimes forget that homeownership requires maintenance – like having a regular oil change for your car. The older the house – the more maintenance is needed. That’s why it is important to have a home inspection before you buy the house.

It can be overwhelming, but much of the maintenance you can do yourself – or learn to do it yourself, which will save you money. The benefit: when you sell your home, the future buyer can tell whether your home has been maintained well or not. It is a good selling point.

Regularly exchange your HVAC filters. Whether you have a reusable filter and you wash it – or a replacement filter, every 1 to 2 months you should replace/clean it.

Your garbage disposal blades can be sharpened by throwing in a handful ice cubes and turning it on. To refresh the smell, put some lemons in the disposal and turn it on.

Once a month you should take the range hood filter and add it to your dishwasher cycle.

Whenever you change the clock, exchange all batteries in your smoke/carbon dioxide detectors. Have you ever noticed that they are start beeping in the middle of the night? You can avoid this by regularly changing the batteries.

Spring cleaning should include cleaning your gutters.

Walk around your house and inspect paint chipping, foundation cracks, mildew on windows, rotten wood. A new coat of paint – or a good silicon caulk can fix a lot of problems.

Check on your plants around the house. They may need a cut or need to be replaced. Shrubs should always be away from the house.

May – June: get prepared for the hurricane season. Maybe you need to remove the coconuts – trim the trees. Inspect your roof. If you have the roof cleaned sometimes tiles are cracked.  They should be caulked or replaced.

Clean your dryer hose twice a year. Did you know that a clogged dryer hose could start a fire?

Flushing the hot water heater once a year and removing the sediments helps you with the efficiency and increases the life of the heater.

Check the caulking at your shower and tub, clean it and re caulk it if necessary.

Check the weather-strip at your entrance door – it may need replacement.

About Christel Silver

Christel Silver is a full time Broker/Owner of Silver International Realty servicing the East Coast of South Florida. In 1985 she was licensed in Maryland and Washington DC as a Realtor and later as a Certified Residential Appraiser and Associate Broker and has been in Florida since 2001. The National Association of Realtor’s (NAR) President appointed her (2010-2014) as the President’s Liaison to Germany, where she grew up and worked at the Justice Department for 17 years prior to coming to this country. The Germany Real Estate Organization (IVD) has an agreement with the NAR and she is an International member of this organization. Christel is a Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS), and a certified speaker teaching CIPS classes. Ms. Silver served the Florida Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) Chapter as President, as Regional Vice President helping Chapters to grow, and as a member of the Board of Directors for two years. She served previously as an ambassador. She has recently been named NAR President’s Liaison to Germany and Director for RAPB GFLR South County Board. Fifty percent of her business is in the International arena. For more information visit www.silverhouses.com.