Carver Middle School makes great strides in learning gains


Mrs. Kiwana Alexander-Prophete, Principal of Carver Middle School, is proud to announce that great strides were made in the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) Learning Gains Measures for Fiscal Year (FY) 2014. Faculty and students worked diligently throughout the year to improve academic standings and, based on test results, their efforts were rewarded. Carver Middle School received higher percentages in Learning Gains for reading and math compared to last year, an indication that more students are performing at FCAT achievement level standards: FCAT Learning Gains – Reading FY 2013: 63% (lowest quartile of students 59%) FY 2014: 69% (lowest quartile of students 73%) FCAT Learning Gains – Math FY 2013: 58% (lowest quartile of students 65%) FY 2014: 65% (lowest quartile of students 69%) “Carver has always been a learning gains school and the students really worked hard and made large gains,” states Principal Alexander- Prophete. “Our overall school score increased from 493 to 529. Carver maintained a ‘C’ rating, but planning to increase student proficiency and gains next school year started the day school ended!” For additional information on the FY 2014 Elementary and Middle School Grades in Palm Beach County, visit To view information on Carver Middle School, visit