How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day When You Have Your Kids


By: Heather McMechan Special to the Boca and Delray newspapers

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Chocolates? Flowers? A night out? Well, it’s one of the busiest “date nights out” a year and you may not be able to get a sitter or your kids want to celebrate with you.

Make heart chocolate chip pancakes

You can surprise your family with a loving breakfast. Make sure the griddle is hot and freestyle your pancake into the shape of a heart. You can add a few chocolate chips and don’t forget the whip cream.

Head to the beach

Getting a babysitter on Valentine’s Day might be tough, so why not grab a bottle of wine, order a cheese pizza to go, fill two sippy cups with apple juice and head to the beach for some family love.

Slice and bake heart cookies

Don’t stress over making homemade cookies. Get down and dirty with some heart cookie cutters and slice and bake dough. You can roll out the dough and create your hearts delight. Don’t forget the pre-made icing.

Romantic movie night

After you put the kids to bed, snuggle up with a good love story. Some of my favorites are Love Actually and The Notebook. You may need a few tissues, but it will rekindle the romance.

Craft each other cards

My kids love to make crafts and what better way to do it with a little love. You can go to Michaels and load up on glitter, construction paper and doilies.