Check Out Concierge Health And Wellness Coaching Service In Delray Beach


By: David DiPino Contributing Writer

Fresh off experiences as a registered nurse in the hospital followed by five-plus years in helping to create the Wellness Department at Walt Disney World’s on-site Wellness Center, Elissa Erman, RN, BSN, CDE, CWC, CHC, visited Delray Beach and brought her business Universal Coaching Services to the area in an effort to help people make lifestyle changes and better their health.

Erman is a registered nurse and certified as a diabetes educator, wellness coach and health coach. Her business Universal Coaching Services provides support for helping people with achieving a healthy weight, and support for diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure, maintaining optimal health and stress management, and assists in personal and spiritual growth. Erman’s Universal Coaching Services is mobile. She is able to bring her concierge health and wellness coaching service right to an individual’s home, available to meet at her offices across Palm Beach County or by phone.

“I help people make lifestyle changes to better their health. By identifying what people’s goals are for their future health I work with them individually to come up with a wellness plan. We work together to reach and maintain those goals. I’m here along the way with coaching and support,” Erman said.

By thinking of wellness as a series of separate roads to help an individual travel to their desired destination, Erman explains the individual must start traveling down the streets one-by-one for better health. Each destination is an individualized plan based on the person’s health goals, here’s an example – she takes them down the first street of eating healthy. Then, Erman and the individual she’s managing travel down the second street to manage stress in healthy ways. The third street they travel on may include motivation to exercise regularly, followed by the fourth street in making time for fun, creating passion and purpose in life. Another street may be in working with people to make sure they’re taking their prescribed medications. She especially enjoys helping the aging population with ways to better their health.

“I have a passion for helping seniors,” Erman said.

Her end goal is to teach people how to self-care and then be available with coaching, support and motivation if needed at a later time.

“I’m here to help people control the things they can. The intention is to get people on a healthier track and then wean them off. I will always be available if they need support.  I want to empower people and get them to stand on their own and fly,” Erman said.

She said her individual coaching and healthy weight group programs have achieved a 99 percent success rate in helping clients engaged in behavior aimed at improving health while 99 percent improved their eating and over 80 percent started exercising or increased their current exercise program. Universal Coaching Services individual and healthy weight programs also had over 92 percent of participants in improve in overall self-care.

Erman came up with idea for Universal Coaching Services after working in the hospital as a nurse where she saw a lot of people suffering in the hospital with factors they could in fact control. She started Universal Coaching Services and then took a job in helping to create the Wellness Department at Walt Disney World’s on-site Wellness Center, where she gained even more experience in offering health and wellness.

She said doctors can make the recommendations but they just don’t have the time to do everything like sit down with people on a regular basis and make sure they’re eating right, exercising, taking their medications and finding ways to cope with stress. She started Universal Coaching Services to fill the void. Erman is available as a vendor for home health care companies and other medical settings. She is available for speaking engagements throughout Palm Beach County.

“There are a lot of wellness related businesses here in Palm Beach County which helps to support me professionally and personally,” Erman said.

“I’ve always loved it here in Delray Beach. A few years ago I came here for a seminar and I was standing on the street in Delray Beach and I felt the city hug me and I felt right at home. I knew this was where I wanted to bring my business to help others achieve better health and wellness.”

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