Check Out Installation Art At Old School Square


Staff report

Local artist and teacher at Old School Square Peter Pereira is bringing his art to life through augmented reality.

Through his Black Monolith installation at Old School Square, he combines QR code, a Quick Response Code, with augmented reality to bring his works of art to three-dimensional reality.

Currently, the pieces can be viewed on Android devices and will soon be able to be seen on Apple products.

He said he started working on the project in January. To create it, he had help from teachers and students at Old School Square.

The codes are printed on paper and attached to what he calls the “black monolith.” The codes are a series of algorithms that work with smart phone technology to take flat pieces of art and transform them into three dimensional pieces that can move and even have video components and sound added to them.

He said it combines engineering, math and art to create the installation.

On the installation, he created “cardinal points” of north, south,east and west. Each side features different art created by Pereira.

You select what direction you are viewing through the app and point at the code until the art comes to life, literally.

The installation was debuted last month. It stands outside the second story of Crest Theatre. On the wall next to the black monolith there are instructions on how to use the technology.

Ultimately, Pereira said he wants to bring the technology to other parts of the city like parks, museums and schools.

“It is real art you can touch,” he said.